Having A ServantS Heart Essay Research Paper

Having A Servant?S Heart Essay, Research Paper

Having a Servant?s Heart

One can conclude that God intended his people to live lives with hearts of servants. I believe that if a person lives a life with a servant?s heart, he is basically a servant. According to Webster?s Online Dictionary a servant is ?one that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer?. To do be a servant one must be willing to do the will of God at any given moment, to live an I?m Third life, to reflect his master in his actions, wise and humble.

?The Lord came and stood there, calling as at the other times, ?Samuel! Samuel!? Then Samuel said, ?Speak for your servant is listening.??(1st Sam 3:10) In this passage, Samuel is lying down and does not know the Lord. In the middle of the night the Lord calls upon Samuel. Without even knowing the Lord or who He is, Samuel cried out and proclaimed to be the Lord servant. Samuel was 100 percent ready to serve the Lord. That is how we as Christians should live our lives; 100 percent ready to serve at the first moment when God calls us to do his will.

During the summer I attend a camp called Kanakuk. Its mo-do is ?Live an I?m Third Life.? ?I?m Third? stands for God first, others second and yourself third. Meaning, put God before all things in your life and put Him before anything you do. After, put everyone around you in front of you. Your family, friends and strangers should be placed before you in anything you do. Last is where you yourself need to be.

It is a humbling place and it pleases God. I believe one with a servant?s heart is a person that leads an ?I?m Third? life.

?Let your face shine on your [servant?s]??(Ps 31:16) The Lord wants us to show His love through our actions. We are to set the example of how God?s servants live. We are to strive to live as Christ lived and to do as God pleases. I think as a teenager I am to live a life that shows my fathers teachings. I am not to do things that would let anyone think that my father has taught me wrong. Parallel to that, one with a servant?s heart should not do any thing that would reflect a poor master.

?A king delights in a wise servant, but a shameful servant incurs his wrath.?(Kng 20:40) A wise servant is able to make wise decisions. A servant who makes wise decisions is able to better represent his master and please him. A servant that makes ignorant and rash decisions does two things: One, makes wrong decisions and two, dishonors his master.

?? O Sovereign Lord, you have also spoken about the future of the house of your servant.?(2nd Sam 7:19) I believe that God is saying if you have a servant?s heart

and are a servant of Him, he will reward you with a place in his house. The Lord has a big house and He needs many many servants to keep the house up, to have food on the table and to entertain company.

Of all the people in the world that I can think of, other than Jesus, my dad is the best example of someone with a servants heart. My dad puts everyone before himself. I?ve never seen him do something selfish or take things for granted. He?s kind and

doesn?t boast. During the Christmas holidays my dad travels to different Central American countries. He and his teams go out into remote villages and do dental work for all of the villagers who can?t afford to see a dentist. My dad will stay out in the blistering sun all day and well into the night to see patients. At the end of each day his hands are bleeding because of blisters. He doesn?t let that stop him. He?s so full of the Lord that he wants to serve. God takes his mind off of everything and fills him with the joy that you get from serving Him.

The greatest example of someone with a servant?s heart is Jesus himself. Jesus said, ?? whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, and whoever wants to be first must be your slave??. Jesus was a perfect man. He was without fault and error, yet Jesus

was the one who died on the cross for our sins. During the Last Supper, Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, demonstrating the act of being a servant. I believe what Jesus was saying is that no one is too great, or good to be a servant.

Anyone can have a servant?s heart. The only difference is for whom you are serving. The Webster?s definition of a servant is all most 100 percent correct, except for one thing- I think it should read ?one that performs duties about the person or home of a master or personal employer [for God]?.


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