Fantasy BasketBall Essay Research Paper Our traditional

Fantasy BasketBall Essay, Research Paper

Our traditional salary cap game. Fill your roster, trade players, and build revenue to create a championship team.

Invite your friends.

Win great prizes.

It’s FREE! SIGN UP TODAY | More Info

Our fast & easy hoops strategy game. You choose three new players every week, and every week you have a smaller player pool to choose from.

Invite your friends.

Win great prizes.

It’s FREE! SIGN UP TODAY | More Info

Our ultimate test of supremacy. A fast and furious survival strategy game-not for the faint of heart!

Six rounds of elimination. Only the strongest players will survive.

Limited enrollment. Join now to get in the game.

$10 entry fee gives you the chance to win CASH prizes. The longer you survive, the larger your winnings!

Sorry, registration for Survival is closed, but you can still play our other great hoops games. | More Info

Down To The Last Survivor

Are you tough enough for the real competition? Try Hoops Survival. Score high and win big cash prizes. Score low and get your sorry butt kicked out of the game.

No Crybabies

Your goal is simple-try to climb to the top of your division. You’d better make sure you get there, because every so often, the bottom dwellers get kicked out. Your score’s too low, you’re gone. Period. Only the best will make it through to the final round.

The stakes are high. The competition’s fierce. Everyone’s trying to stay alive till the next round. Are you strong enough to take it?

Choose Your Weapons

You get to arm yourself for battle with the best players in the league. Just choose three players every week-one guard, one forward, one center. You’ll score points based on three stats: the points, rebounds, and assists scored by your Three in that week’s games. But there’s a catch-you can only choose each player once. Players you’ve already picked will be eliminated from your player pool. Every week, you have to choose a different three-and every week, you have fewer choices.

It all comes down to strategy. Pick too many weak players at the beginning, and you’re gone. Use up the best men too early, and you’ll have nothing left for the final round.

Cold Hard Cash

No trips. No hats. Just the cash. The last man standing gets a big cash prize.

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Get In The Game

Don’t miss the action in the best FREE fantasy basketball game on the web! Small World Hoops is the only game that combines the challenge of building a championship team with the excitement of playing the stock market. To climb to the top of the heap, you’ll need all your hoops savvy–plus the ruthlessness of a day trader! Have you got what it takes to lead your team to wealth and victory?

Build Your Own Dream Team

You get to be the owner and manager of your own franchise. Select your team from an entire league of players, from rising stars to seasoned vets. The real-life performance of your players determines the success of your team.

Corner The Market

Everyone starts the game with a $50M salary cap. But Managers who know how to play the market can increase their wealth and buy the top players. Players are like stocks: the more Managers buy them, the higher their prices go. Use your trading skills and make your franchise rich!

Crush the Competition

You can take on hoops fans from all over the world in one of our open divisions. Want to make it personal? You can create your own division and challenge up to 20 of your friends to join you in a battle for supremacy.

Take the Championship

If you’ve got what it takes to lead your team to wealth and power, you’ll compete for great weekly and season prizes, including electronics and Small World merchandise. And the top managers for the season will receive:

A college scholarship for the top-scoring college student Manager.

The Grand Prize: A weekend trip for two to the Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony!



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