Caffeine Essay Research Paper 120499

Caffeine Essay, Research Paper

12/04/99 Applied Chemistry Research-Caffeine Graham Cousins

Caffeine, a odorless slightly bitter substance that is in most caffeinated beverages.

Caffeine is present in about 4% of tea leaves and in coffee. Caffeine contains two other

alkaloids, theobromine and theophylline. These two relax the muscles while the caffeine

stimulates the heart and respiratory systems. The caffeine in a substance is a stimulant of central

nervous system, cardiac muscle and respiratory system. Its purpose is to delay fatigue. The

theophylline is a cardiac stimulant that smoothes muscles. The theobromine is a smooth muscle

relaxant and cardiac stimulant. Sometimes you notice that colas have a “stronger kick” than

some coffee, its because the colas have a lower caffeine content and they have other alkaloids in

them. Normally coffee seems more lasting for mental alertness and offers fewer jitters.

Theophylline has a stronger effect on your respiratory system and heart than caffeine, and is

often used for a home remedy for treating asthma, bronchitis and emphysema. Barq’s cola

contains “12.78mg per 6oz” of soda and they say it “adds as a flavoring agent for the sharp


Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system. It can cause mild alertness, tension,

shortened reaction time among some users. Its reactions on creativity and other intellectual

activities is yet to be determined. Caffeine is very addicting, and if regular users give it up they

can experience withdraw. They will induce symptoms 12-16 hours after caffeine intake:

drowsiness, headaches, depression and occasional nausea. A caffeinated soft drink drank by a

child can have the same effect as four cups of coffee on a adult. Caffeine doses more than

200mg depending on body weight and connotation, may produce trembling ,nervousness,

muscle tension, and exhaustion. If u drink coffee to stay up all night cramming for a test, you’re

memory may be less efficient, and it could cause annoying behaviors.

Rather drinking a lot of coffee and when trying to quit, get a goodnights sleep the night

before to stay alert, try physical activity to stimulate your heart, and eat regular meals to keep

energized. Caffeine with the addition of nicotine can increase stomach acid production,

therefore causing gastrula pains and heartburn. These two products should be not combined

although a large percentage of smokers drink coffee, it is an unhealthy combination. Limited

research links coffee drinking to heart attacks in many people. Caffeine acts on the brain by

affecting coordination, sleep patterns, night time awakenings, poor sleeping and nervousness. If

someone has dry itching skin they should not intake caffeine, because it may worsen the itching

and dryness. Some studies linked interference’s with the kidney’s ability do absorb calcium

resulting in bone density loss. When u suffer from caffeine withdraw your blood pressure drops

dramatically and all the blood goes to your head, this results in large headaches. If one can

orally ingest 10 grams of caffeine it can usually be fatal. Indigestion of 150mg/kg of caffeine

seems to be fatal for all people, this varies from 50 to 200 cups of coffee. Studies have proven

that caffeine can cause mal-formations in the fetus, and may reduce fertility rates. Although this

study is controversial because it is proven in rat tests when comparing ingesting to 70 cups of

coffee per day for a human. Although caffeine is proven to reduce rates of sperm motility.

Studies have also found that suicides are more common in people who don’t consume coffee on

a regular basis. Although there are more disadvantages than advantages for caffeine, it increases

the circulation of fatty acids. This intern enhances the oxidation of them and increases your fatty

acid metabolism. It is not a appetite suppressant and does effect metabolism though it is a

question wither it makes a difference during a diet.

My personal interests in this topic relates to the sleep depravation and the side effects in

drinking coffee. Many of my friends drink coffee regularly and I have tried to stay awake by

drinking a cup of coffee or drinking a couple of soda’s to try and stay awake and it usually

works, but sometimes I have trouble sleeping after and I am run down the next day because I

didn’t sleep well. I have always wondered why this is and it is because of the chemical makeup

of the caffeine. It has surprised me that there were so much side effects in the usage of caffeine

and there wasn’t much advantages.


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