Anootated Bib Essay Research Paper Annotated Bibliography1Paul

Anootated Bib Essay, Research Paper

Annotated Bibliography

1)Paul (Neo) Martin the editor of the website has written extensive work on cyberpunks, that he seeks to establish and support ongoing conversations about the emerging field, to further a community of cyberpunks. The author conveys his thesis by showcase various documents, works-in-progress, and on-line projects that he feels pertain to the current issues of cybernetics. Martin purpose is to call attention to purpose is to promote, support, research, study, and create cyberpunk subculture, cyberpunk science fiction and general cyberculture. His audience is people who are not familiar to the cyberculture and also to whom are very familiar and seeks to foster the cyberculture. Another point the author makes is that he tries to prepare the masses of cyber and non-cyberpunk for the ?dark future.? Also he says that the first step into the dark world is here and we are waiting for the next, which is to grow.

?The Cyberpunk Project, 1999.? Cyberpunk Project.

Moscow Cyberpunk Club. 26 February 2000

2)The Phantom writer on his web page ?Duke of Hell,? states that cyberpunks are not just tech junkies, but rather writers, artists, and intellectual thinkers. The author conveys this through short stories, poems, and articles explaining the origins, purposes, and disposition of cyberpunks. The author wants the audience to be aware of the mistaken stereotypes of cyberpunks in order to inform people what cyberpunks truly are and what they don?t do by conveying various types of information ranging from Internet used by the CIA to discussing illegal drugs. The author?s relationship with the reader is that the reader ought to know the correct position and specifics about the cyberpunk. He conveys the point that all cyberpunks know that power is knowledge. He also expresses that cyberpunks are not kids screwing around, they have something to say and they have the means of saying it.

?Cyberpunk, 1999? Duke of Hell.

Yahoo Geocities 26 February 2000

3)The author of this text who is anonymous, states that the movie Matrix is not cyberpunk, but he states it?s even anti-cyberpunk. He supports this by saying the virtual reality that is featured is not an enhancement or a new dimension of functioning but a sinister means of entrapment. The author wants to present this opposition in order to inform readers of the falsity that the Matrix is cyberpunk. The relationship the author attempts to establish is that of questioning what is cyberpunk and what is not. Another point the author makes is the theories of Immanuel Kant and the differentiation of phenomena and nomena. Another solid point that he states is about another philosopher Bishop Berkely and his views on reality.

?The Matrix, 1999? Cyberpunk.

William Gibson WebRing 26 February 2000


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