My Philosophy Of Life Essay Research Paper

My Philosophy Of Life Essay, Research Paper

My Philosophy 02\15\00

I often sit and wonder is there a greater being that created

all that is around us? I always find myself with the same

conclusion there must be. Everyone was created for a purpose

even if that is to be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, that

might make a difference in their life. Everyone has their place

and who they are in the world. Everyone should have the

freedom to not be judged and the freedom to express their

individuality. Love should be expressed more between people, a

simple smile is a sign of love for another. Love can’t be defined

but only felt. Be grateful for the gifts God has given you, you

don’t understand what they meant to you until they are gone.

Relationships with others good and bad; build character. Don’t

worry about the small things as much focus on the larger and the

future. We feel emotion it is a great gift given to us, emotion are

the basis of life, all our thoughts are surrounded by emotion.

Emotions can’t be defined they are to complex to understand

and try to explain; a child could say they are sad when a parent

dies while another child could say they are sad when a parent

hits them; is this the same emotion? the eyes are a window to the

soul. They give us a sense of emotion that is being felt, looking

deep Into someone’s eyes can create many complex feelings.

Communication is the most important aspect within a

relationship it help to express feelings, thoughts, dreams and it

takes a good listeners to carry a conversation. The best thing you

can do for someone is love them. Nature cleanses the soul a cool

rain or just string at the stars on a clear night can do wonders for

the soul. If it’s to be it’s up to me. Life is full of excitement it’s

a matter of waking up to discover it. It’s a good quality to be a

dreamer and always imagine what or how things could be

different. A bigger problem then world hunger or war is how we

treat each others not everyone is treated equal or with respect.

This is what we have to start worrying about before the larger

issues. Life’s stories and experiences make us who we are. We

must suffer, feel pain, love, fear, anger, hate, and happiness.

When the emotions of life’s experiences are shared with another

person this is a sign of deep trusting relationship. God will

always love us and he forgives us if we repent. Every human and

creature on earth is good, since God created it; it’s your job to

find the good and love in others. Everything has a motive good,

bad, holy, evil; a purpose. Meditation shows yourself your

deepest thoughts about everything around you, and how you feel

about life. Every emotion felt by a person makes that individual

stronger, and can handle emotions and stress better. The most

painful, hurtful feeling to experience is the impression of not

being loved. Everyone knows what they want for themselves, in

life, relationships, and experiences, it’s just a matter of

discovering what that is. I can’t credit one or two persons or

experiences for the way I think and feel about life. I credit the

world, my environment, experiences and God for the mind

he gave me to think, and wonder, and dream about my world.


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