Streetcar Named Desire Essay Research Paper Following

Streetcar Named Desire Essay, Research Paper

Following the departure of Blanche, the men continue their poker game. Mitch

appears to be lost in a different world. His thoughts are pre-occupied with Blanche

and their affair. Stanley suddenly snaps at Mitch, which really aggravates him. The

two men have a long dispute concerning Blanche. Mitch gets up and leave. He strolls

around town, not wishing to return home. He recalls the times he spent with Blanche.

A long tape of memories runs through his mind. Upon his return home, that night,

Mitch discovers that his mother is extremely ill. Mitch becomes nervous and gloomy

He is afraid of losing another person that is close to him. A couple of days later

Mitch s mother dies due to her illness. Mitch is comforted by his friends, Stanley and

Pablo. After his mother s death Mitch begins to feel the guilt augment. The guilt

towards letting Blanche go and believing Stanley. Mich decides to go visit Blanche in

the insane Asylum. He sits with her and they talk. Mitch learns everything about

Blanche s past, and the reasons for her insecurity. Mitch also finds out about the rape

incident. Knowing this Mitch confronts Stanley with the issue. Stanley denies it.

Mitch slowly and slowly becomes isolated and alienated from society. In one last

attempt to hold on to life Mitch decides to visit Blanche in the asylum. He finds out

that she is becoming progressively better. Mitch asks Blanche to marry him.

However, she rejects him. Mitch, thus, is left all alone with no friends or family. He

pursues a life with no social activity. He quit the pokers nights at Stanley s house and

he abandoned playing bowling to. Gradually Mitch begins to crack up. He becomes

an alcoholic and he loses touch with the real world. Mitch gets fired from his job, due

to his excessive drinking habits. He is thus taken to an insane asylum, where he finds

himself next to Blanche.

I think that this is a valid ending because, despite all that Mitch finds out about

Blanche he still has some emotions of love towards her. Mitch believes that he has

found an acceptable companion in Blanche. Mitch and Blanche were both in need of

companionship and support. Both characters were very similar: they were both very

sensitive, and pretty much insecure. Even after trying to break away from Stella, after

finding out about her past relations with other men, Mitch still shows signs of love

towards her. This is evident in the last scene. The men are playing poker. Mitch

appears to be lost; he is not concentrating in the game. His thoughts were probably

pre-occupied with Blanche. Mitch is a very sensitive person, he is also very shy,

which is probably why he remained silent during the taking away of Blanche. Quitting

the game directly after this indicates that he does not agree with what Stanley has

done. The death of Mitch s mother is logical as she was very ill and aged. Mitch was

very close to his mother. It is quite apparent that he is deeply attached to his mother.

This is displayed in his leaving of the poker games earlier than everyone else to check

on his mother. This deep attachment is also portrayed in the mothers constant worry

about her son being settled before she dies. Therefore, Mitch s deep sorrow for his

mother s death is justified. After losing the two closest things to him in life, it would

be reasonable that such a person will slowly become isolated and alienated from

society. Some people might not find it easy to visualize Mitch being an alcoholic, but

a person with no social activities, who pursues a life of total isolation can easily

become addicted to alcohol. Such people probably find peace in losing contact with

the real world, which is why they go on to alcohol addiction. It is also sequential and

logical that an alcoholic completely loses contact with the real world.


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