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Inventions Benefited Society Essay Research Paper Inventions

Inventions Benefited Society Essay, Research Paper

Inventions Benefited Society

Every year we hear more good news about inventions, especially in technology. Technology has

meliorated peoples’ lives in numerous ways, the technology let us to keep personal information or household

budgets. Computers are one form of technology that has made the most beneficial contribution to society

because they improve business, telecommunication and education.

One of the reasons that computers were invented was to help businesses to do jobs more efficiently and

accurately. As computers are capable of handling large amounts of data in a very short time, they allow people

to store data and transact businesses more efficiently. For example, employees’ health information can also be

kept in computers. In the early days, we had used papers and pens to record data that we gathered. As a

breakthrough technology today, computers have replaced pens and papers. Many businesses are now relying on

computers because their statistics and calculations are more accurate than manual calculations. These machines

are enabling us to perform many different tasks in less time and making our lives easier.

Computers in telecommunications have allowed us to do many things from the comfort of our homes

that could never be done before; such as talking with distant friends and relatives, buying merchandise, doing

research, and a steadily increasing number of other things. At nearly any time of day we can buy something with

a credit card, or fill out a form with personal information such as a loan application, job application or insurance

form. Years ago, sending this amount of personal data was impossible. Now, with the advances of computer

technology, we can do what we were once not able to do; such as getting in touch with the bank and transferring

money while we are miles away from the banks.

Computers have provided a great tool for education that has allowed anyone to learn new ideas from

anywhere or anytime. Computers can also help students improve their writing skills when they are at home.

They are being used in classroom for experiments. In Auto Cad design courses, they have allowed students to

create three-dimensional models and this is very important because they help students to visualize an object in

three-dimensional views. Years ago, students did not have this advanced technology. But now, computers are

helping educators in the classroom by demonstrating their subjects. Since they were invented and are constantly

being developed daily, computers are technologies that have capability to contribute fundamental helps to assist

the educational process.

As technologies are being developed, the promise of technology is that it will greatly improve the

efficiency and effectiveness of our institutions. Computers will become more and more available to society. This

availability is going to have a deep impact and benefit on our society such as improving business,

telecommunication and education.