Data In Todays World Essay Research Paper

Data In Todays World Essay, Research Paper

Ovid: Citation display” ALT=”Previous Citation(s)” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>” ALT=”Previous Citation(s)” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>” ALT=”Next Citation(s)” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>Go to … Help |LogoffCitation 61Accession Number 152BL-0011Document Delivery 152BL: Document Delivery availableAuthors Nelson CA.Carver LJ.Title The effects of stress and trauma on brain and memory: A view from developmental cognitive neuroscienceSource Development & Psychopathology. 10(4):793-809, 1998 Fal.Catalog HoldingsNo holdings availableISSN 0954-5794KeyWords Plus Positron emission tomography. Long-term potentiation. Child sexual abuse. Hippocampal volume. Recognition memory. Prefrontal cortex. Prenatal

stress. Cerebral-cortex. Infant monkeys. Working-memory.Abstract Many aspects of brain development depend on experience. Because the major macro-morphological events of brain development occur over the first 2-3 years of postnatal life, this time period can be considered both a period of opportunity as well as a period of vulnerability. In this paper we describe how experience with stress early in life can have a negative impact on certain aspects of brain development, and specifically, those neural circuits that underlie memory. We also describe the effects of traumatic events on the development of the neural basis of memory. In support of our argument, we review the literature on brain, stress, and memory in the context of development. Based on this review, we suggest that the developing brain is particularly vulnerable to the harmful physiological effects of stress, which in turn has the potential to lead to impairments in memory. Unfortunately, there are few empirical data that directly address this hypothesis. In this context we offer a number of suggestions for future research. [References: 88]Language EnglishPublication Type ArticleSubset Current Contents(R)/Social & Behavioral Sciences.CC Categories Psychology in Current Contents(R)/Social & Behavioral Sciences.Institution Reprint available from: Nelson CA Univ Minnesota, Inst Child Dev 51 E River Rd St Paul, MN 55105 USA Univ Minnesota, Inst Child Dev St Paul, MN 55105 USA” ALT=”Previous Citation(s)” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>” ALT=”Previous Citation(s)” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>” ALT=”Next Citation(s)” ALIGN=”BOTTOM”>


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