Divorce In Relation To Age Essay Research

Divorce In Relation To Age Essay, Research Paper

Divorce in Relation to Age

Marriage is a big step in anyone’s life. The person must be prepared and ready for the commitment that they are about to step into for the rest of their lives. This commitment takes maturity and intelligence to know that one is ready to spend the rest of their lives with one person, and that they are willing to be faithful to their husband or wife. Younger, more inexperienced teenagers have not been through enough life experiences to know that they are ready to commit their lives to one person for the next fifty or sixty years. The more years one spends maturing through life and facing life’s many obstacles, the more experience they have. These older, or wiser, people are more prepared to make a life commitment to one person and know that they are making the right decision.

Even as people step into their twenties and graduate from college, they still do not have as much wisdom and maturity as a person in their late twenties. College is still a shelter life and many people do not support themselves until they have been out of college for several years and have a good paying job. Until a person can fully support himself or herself, they cannot even begin to imagine supporting a husband or wife also, much less a family. Marriage is an expensive commitment, much more financially involved than girlfriends and boyfriends. A person needs to be living on their own, and actually supporting themselves, before he or she can begin to understand the involvement of having a husband or wife.

Financial stability, maturity, and a sense of commitment are the most important factors, after love, when deciding to get married. In normal circumstances, these three factors only progress with age; therefore older people are more prepared to get married than younger people are. People normally experience more as they go through life. Many times a marriage constrains people from going out with their friends or taking spontaneous trips that would give them experiences and that would teach them lessons about life. This maturity enables people to appreciate the relationship he or she has with their husband or wife and keeps their commitment stronger. Since maturity comes with age most of the time, age signifies the ability to handle a marriage that most younger teenagers or college graduates cannot. Maturity is the key element in a long-lasting marriage and that normally comes with age.


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