Capital Punishement Essay Research Paper Even though

Capital Punishement Essay, Research Paper

Even though if Morally fur the person himself and for the whole

Society around him the end of the suffering would be the best choice,

The other arguments are stronger.

-When GOD created us, he had a meaning for us, he had a mission for us

he didn’t bring us to this world just for nothing. So he is the one “THE

ONLY ONE” that has a full control into our LIFE. He’s the one that could

make us happy, sad, make us livelong or take our life away. And what I’m

trying to say with all this, is that nobody I mean “NOBODY” doesn’t have

the right to play “GOD’S ROLE” and to take somebody else’s life, EVEN

taking your own life (committing suicide), cause that’s only God’s choice,

God’s will and not human’s.

-In BARBARA HUTMAN’S “A Crime of Compassion” it is really

hard to make a decision between “MORAL AND THE RIGHTEST THING


-First of all she writes a story about young, hansom, strong Cop

wearing 30-pounds of protective equipment looking if he could

single-handedly protect the whole city. Looking at that kind of person “FULL

OF LIFE” you will never think that this person for only six months can

come to a terrible Health-situation, weighting only 60-pounds, loosing his

youth, his hair, his sense of taste, sense of smell and his ability to do the

slightest thing for himself.

-The guy was resuscitated 52 times and obviously he was not going to

recover from that disease. That was obvious to all hospital staff, to his wife

and most importantly to himself. He knew that there’s no hope for him to

return to this life again. So he was begging the doctors, the nurses to let him

go, not to push that “BLUE CODE” button any more, not to resuscitate him

any more.

-But even if he begged them, I think that they did what was right to

do, cause who would have taken the responsibility of choosing for death on

somebody else’s life, EVEN if his family wanted that, EVEN if he-himself

wanted to do so. But that went too far that everybody knew that even if they

keep resuscitating him over and over again they’d just make his wife’s,

everybody’s around him and especially HIS LIFE, MISERABLE.

-What the nurse did by not pushing the “BLUE CODE” button to try to

resuscitate him for the 53-rd time, according to my opinion was;

RIGHT- morally, for his wife, his children, and everybody around him

cause it was enough suffering for them, and especially looking at him in that


RIGHT-for the Cop, cause his suffer it will end once and for all.

WRONG-according to Medical-Ethics, because no matter what the sick

person thinks, no matter what his wife thinks , doctors have their rules ,”To

try to extend life as long as they have the means and knowledge to do it”.

WRONG-because even if the nurse had good meanings by doing it,

unfortunately she played God and decided on her own will to let somebody


WRONG-because you’ll never know if the “MIRACLE” can happen and he

can be healed (even if in this particular case the miracle was way too far).

-Even if what the nurse did was against the law and somebody can

even call her KILLER, thinking about his and his wife’s begging, I WOULD



This paper is about the Capital Punishement


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