Kiswana Browne Essay Research Paper Kiswana Browne

Kiswana Browne Essay, Research Paper

Kiswana Browne is definitely a heroine who will always lie behind young generations indifferent to their colour or the epoch they represent. She is certainly, the rebellion, free spirit that characterizes the young, and comes to a deep contrast with the past. Thus, the generation gap has always been and will always be a contemporary topic for discussion.

Let?s take our story from the beginning so as to explain Kiswana?s revolution against her parents? beliefs as well as the ethics of our society. To start with, Kiswana is still afraid of her mother despite the fact that she has left her house and rejected her parents? way of life. This is well emphasized with the sentence ?Oh, God, it?s Mama!?( page 218).

She still feels the guilt that all the kids have when they do something against their will, or want to hide a beloved secret. Secondly, Kiswana emphasizes her choice to live her own life, with the poor, derelict, area she decides to settle down.

?? was living in a building seething with dope factories and hang-outs for derelicts?. ??nothing would have made her believe that practically every apartment contained a family, a Bible and a dream?.memory.?( page 219). In the above paragraph there are many details about the slum area of the city where poverty is the leader.

Yet, these outsiders of no financial means, still have dreams of another better world with values that will escape one day.

Furthermore, there are many elements in the conversation between mother and daughter that emphasize the contrast with her parents? rich surroundings and beliefs.

?At least you have a halfway decent view ??.- it?s the boulevard. Honey, did you know?? hinder Hills from here? (page 220). ?Look I know it?s not hinder Hills?.it?( page 221). In contrast with other young people who make their own revolution only in mind, Kiswana made it real her life completely.

Therefore, she changed her Christian name to that of Kiswana so as to show how proud she is of her African origins and that is explained in ? Well it?s awfully strange you can forget a name?..years? (page 219). ??.(beginning her visit?..about her Christian name?( page 220). She also refused to accept her parents? political beliefs and ideas as long as they supported the weak from a secure position.

?You don?t have ?. About social conditions.? (page 221) . ?That middle-of-the-road Uncle Tom?? black Republicans ?. (page 222). In addition her friends were always rejected by her parents as long as they did not come up to her parents? expectations. Her parents were very strange. They were looking only for money and nothing else. ?What do you mean these people. They are my people?. we are all black?. (page 222)

Conclusively, she was leading a free life as long as she had many lovers irrespective of their colour, social status or financial means. Kiswana did not care about this stuff. She cared about ethics and values. ? Since you live alone, now you will be having male friends stop by ?. Them any ideas?. ? That would not bother the type of men I date.? (page 222)

Another point we have to emphasize is that the major conflict between Kiswana and her mother lies on the fact that neither Kiswana nor anybody else can change discrimination against coloured people. This has been a problem for years and it continues to exist in many countries. ? Where?s your revolution now, Melanie?. Where are ?.. that campus? They?re sitting in ?.. this part of town.? (page 223)

? When all the smoke ?.. they?re black. There ?? no revolution.? (page 223) . Even the young rebels always have a tendency to compromise later in life as long as dreams fade away. Money and power always are the substantial means that our world depends on.

To sum up, I would like to finish with the eternal love that mother and father have towards their kids doing utmost to support their kids no matter how different they can be from their kids? choices. ?After Kiswana had closed?..there were seventy-five dollars in it.? (Page 225)


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