Come Get It While It

’s Hot By Valerie Hobbs Essay, Research Paper

I read the book Come get it while it s hot. Or not by Valerie Hobbs.The book was about four girls that are juniors in high school and go through a lot together throughout the year. The girls have been best friends since 8th grade and now they face many challenges in staying friends. The story between these girls (Kit, Mia, Elaine, and Megan) when they met in English class for a poetry assignment and became friends right off the bat. The girls made a promise to each other, Friends till the end but as the book develops they realize they don t know what that means. The first thing that happens is Kit, who lives in a run down house built by her great grandfather gets pregnant with a boy that has a girlfriend is the most popular senior. Megan is the closet to Kit, and when they all find out about this they make a schedule to plan on who goes to take care of Kit throughout the day. The girls continue like this the whole time that she is pregnant. While this is all going on Mia who was dating a guy named Mando forever break-up and Mia goes on a drive because she is upset and gets lost. Megan goes through the most to stay by Kit s side through all this and even cuts history class a few times to go to her house. She gets caught and he parents ground her for two months until Meg tells them why she was cutting class. Meg s mom doesn t like her being over at Kit s because she says Kit is from the wrong side of the tracks. Her mom is angry with her for being over there, but shortens the groundation. Kit decides that she can t possibly keep the baby when she has it and decides to put it up for adoption. She find prospective parents, but she never made any guarantee or signed anything legal. Megan finds out later that the kid that got Kit pregnant, Monk is HIV positive because he injects steroids. But Kit doesn t get her or the baby tested in time. Kit goes into labor one night when Meg comes over and when she got there she thought Kit was dying so she called 911. The baby was a five-pound baby girl.

While at the hospital after she has it she finds out that neither her or the baby has HIV. She also decides that she can t give up the baby and decides to keep it, but lets the prospective mother be the godmother. The book ends by Megan, Elaine, and Mia going to the Jr. prom. The main character in this book is Megan Lane. In the plot she also gets suspended from school because she is the feature writer for the school paper and wants to run a article on Teen Sex and she isn t allowed to but she does anyway. She is very headstrong and reliable. Whenever one of the girls couldn t make it to Kit s she d go over there for them, she kind of played Kit s mother. She is a tomboy that wears jeans and her older brother s sweatshirts all the time. She was going out with this kid Joe who she broke up with but later they went to the prom as friends . I would definitely recommend this book to people my age. I thought it was very well written and a very good story. It s a great story about friendship and dealing with things when they don t go the way you expect them too. It s everyone s life story. It was also not that long so you don t need a long attention span to read it either.


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