The Women Of His Dreams Essay Research

The Women Of His Dreams Essay, Research Paper

The Women of His Dreams

After a long summer night of partying, drinking, and smoking on the beach with a bunch of people he had just recently met and barely knew. As he walked back to his condo down the beach, you could see the tip of the sun start to peek over the horizon to start another beautiful summer day. The bright orange glow on the horizon was a mesmerizing and gorgeous sight to behold. As many times before, this breathtaking sight made him stop, sit down, and be amazed at its marvel and glory. As the sun rose higher and lightened the sky more and more, about one hundred yards down the beach. Standing in the water was one of the most majestic sights any men have ever seen. There in the water was a woman standing ankle high in the water.

She was standing there sipping her warm coffee out of a steaming mug. She was wearing jeans and an oversized sweatshirt that hid the beautiful curves of her great body. As he walked closer, smoking his cigar, he could not take his eyes off of her. As she stood there, the wind blowing through her blond hair. Letting him get his first glimpse at the women s profile. She had a kind of full mouth that made you want to sit there and just imagine touching them with your own lips. She had a pair of mysterious eyes that made her more appealing then before and as she smiled at the sun rising higher, he saw that she had a set of dazzling white teeth behind that pair of enticing lips. As she turned just a fraction towards him, in the middle of it all, an ideal nose that just made the portrait complete.

As he sat on the beach watching her, fascinated by her. He realized that he could do this same thing for years. Never talking to her or really doing anything with her. All he wanted the do was sit there and watch the wind blow through her hair and watch the brightening sun reflect off her well-defined face. As he was sitting there smoking his cigar and thinking about how to approach a masterpiece like this. She turned around to start walking towards shore, and she noticed him. Sitting there with a cigar in hand, watching her every move. As she stood there looking at him, poised ever so gracefully, he rose to meet her. She started slowly walking towards him as he did the same. As they met at the shoreline, with the sun rising behind her making it seems like she had just appeared out of the ocean. He realized something that had been in the back of his mind the whole time, he realized that this was the women that he was going to spend the rest of his life with. That this was the women if his dreams.


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