Importance Of Old Growth Stand Forests Essay

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THE IMPORTANCE OF OLD GROWTH STANDS:SECHELTTABLE OF CONTENTSIntroductionWhat is old growth?Logging of the Ancient ForestThe ecosystem and wildlifeOther possibilitiesConclusionBibliographyTHE IMPORTANCE OF OLD GROWTH STANDS: SECHELTThere are a great variety of old growth stan ds, one such stand is the Sechelt forest. Like many other forests it is in danger of being logged. There are however things being done to protect the ancient forest. Old growth is hard to define, as there is no set definition. These old forests are all very different in there ages, sizes, and tree types. Every forest is like a separate pocket, different from any other. One thing for sure is the importance of old growth stands. Old growth forests are irreplaceable ecosystems. These stands make homes and breeding areas for a great diversity of animals. (*)” Unfortunataly in British Columbia 94 percent of all logging is old growth.”Logging of Sechelt has been condoned by our provincial forest ministry, and is scheduled to start in the spring of 1992. (1) “Terminal forest products and International Forest products have permission to cut approximately 340 hectares (840 acres).” In the last logging of the Sechelt peninsula the contractors went broke, and left thousand of cubic metres of woodTony Eberts, September 19, 1991, The Province , P. 34Taken from film: Forest of the Peoplejust to rot. Existing clear cuts have contributed toheavy run offs in the watershed, leading to flooding and silt damage. The Sechelt forest is a large, and very diverse ecosystem. The Carin Range area is very concentrated in wildlife and is only about twice the size of Stanley Park. (2) “More than 150 species of mammals live in such forests, and as many as 1500 species of invertebrate species may live in a single stand.”

The endangered marbled murrulet makes it’s home high on the broad branches of the trees found here. The environment ministry has also reestablished the elk colony which will need the mature forest area. (3) “In a community hatchery the flooding and silt damage due to logging killed over 150,000 fry and eggs.” Logging simply ruins the efforts of other organizations to help the environment. As of yet, there has been no response to requests by organizations to place a moratorium on logging until further park development can be investigated. The parks ministry has made no attempt to preserve the(2) Catherine Caufield, June 18, 1990, The Sun , P. F2(3) Tony Eberts, September 19, 1991, The Province , P. 34area as well. This beautiful area lends itself topark development. This includes trails and campsitesin an area that can be easily used as recreational provincial park which would increase tourism in the Sechelt region. It also contains great amounts of flora and fauna. (4) ” Some of the oldest trees in Canada (over eight centuries), exist here.” The ancient Sechelt forest is facing a major problem, which could mean the loss of a one of a kind ecosystem. This area can be saved and turned into a provincial park if the government agencies would agree to it. It would be a shame to waste such a beautiful part of the environment. (4) Tony Eberts, October 18, 1991, The Province , p. A30BIBLIOGRAPHY:Catherine Caufield, June 18, 1990, Symphony of Life Plays a Full House, Vancouver Sun , Pg. F2Jim Watson, Dec.89/Jan.90, the Last Stand for Old Growth, National Wildlife , V.28, P. 24Tony Eberts, September 13, 1991, Battle for Sechelts Last Stand, The Province , P. 34Tony Eberts, October 18, 1991, For Sechelt, From the Heart, The Province , p. A30Film: 1990 , Forest of The People, Forest Alliance of BC


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