Congress Of Vienna Essay Research Paper Congress

Congress Of Vienna Essay, Research Paper

Congress Of Vienna

The Congress of Vienna was certainly a great piece of history. But was it is great success, or a great failure? Personally, I think it was a great success. Many things were accomplished, like balance of power, a way to settle disputes peacefully, and peace & stability were restored. If the Congress of Vienna were never formed, Europe and other countries wouldn t be the same. For example, one country would be ruling everything and there would be chaos and wars.

Balance of power was achieved by not giving any one country too much or not enough power. If too much was given, that country would obviously rule or overpower the others near it that are weaker. Then the weaker countries wouldn t like that, and chaos would break out. The Congress of Vienna impacted the balance in power by giving each country equal amounts of land, as long as the other countries agreed to it, which was a fair way of doing things like this.

Settling disputes peacefully was important to Europe because many countries didn t like each other and if these disputes were settled in a different way, it would probably be war. War is bad for Europe at this point because it has already happened and many of the countries are weak, but if there were a strong one the power would be unbalanced and that one more powerful country would rule over the weak. Once again, chaos would be at hand.

Peace and stability is very important in a society, let alone an entire continent. If a small group, or society, has a problem within it, it is most of the time easily solved. But if there is a big problem that spreads over a large place, like a continent like Europe, it could be very hard to solve. Peace and stability is a hard thing to keep in a large society. If it is not kept, then terror and more problems come along. For instance, during the reign of Napoleon, many things were changed and war was breaking out wherever Napoleon went. As those wars broke out, many people were scared and panicked and more problems arose. Austria, Prussia, Russia, and England formed the Quadruple Alliance, which was made to stop France from getting too much power again. Peace and stability is by far the most important thing in a culture, society, country, or continent.

As you can see, Europe would be in shambles right now without the Congress of Vienna. Balance of power, peace and stability, and settling disputes peacefully were all great accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna that have changed history and Europe forever. Balance of power was a major part in the Congress of Vienna, as it determined the power of each country in a way. It also helped keep peace by making each country agree to each other. Peace and stability was maintained by not letting problems spread throughout Europe. Peaceful settling of disputes was used to keep peace also so war wouldn t break out. All in all, the Congress of Vienna was a success.


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