Brotherly Love Essay Research Paper The snow

Brotherly Love Essay, Research Paper

The snow fell from the night sky like millions of little white stars that lost

their hold on the firmament. Little Sammy always one to love the snow ignored it

for the moment, showing uncharacteristic concern for his brother. "What’s

the matter Todd? You’ve been acting strange all day. I know something’s on your

mind or you wouldn’t have that look on your face. You always look that way when

something’s wrong". "Oh, it’s nothing important little brother, just

problems with Sandra again last night. The date went fine and I actually liked

the flick this time but later in the back seat I shot jungle juice everywhere

before we could even get started. If this had been the first time I wouldn’t be

so angry but dammit," he accented his curse by punching his thigh,

"it’s been four times now". Sammy’s brow creased for a moment in

thought and then his eyes lit up. Being a bit too quick of a thinker, Sammy

often stated the obvious and did so now. "Remember that scare you had when

you were slamming saddles every night with Judith? She had to go out and buy a

pregnancy test. Obviously you weren’t having much trouble with her; I think it

must have something to do with Sandra herself". Todd could almost see the

light Sammy was basking in from the bulb above his head and offered the tyke a

warm smile. Sammy was only twelve years old but sometimes he dissapointed Todd

with his slow wits. He liked to encourage the boy though and did not mention

that he had already come to this conclusion quite some time ago. Even Albert

Einstein had trouble in his youth and he could see that Sammy had that kind of

potential. In fact he was lucky his brother could think at all. Some kids were

born retarded you know. "That’s probably right kid but I just don’t know

what it could be about her that makes me miss the boat and jizz every time. I

mean I got my lovebone all poised to slip inside that perfect pie and I just

blow it. . . literally. She’s getting fed up and I bet her fingers have been

working overtime lately seeing as I’m not holding up my end of the deal,"

Todd paused a moment and looked Sammy in the eye, "Have you ever bumped

uglies? I know your only twelve but I’ve seen how young they start on Montel and

Ricky Lake". Sammy’s face went a deep shade of red, "Well, I did the

three finger tango with Beth after the Halloween Dance last month but I’ve never

navigated nookie", he looked away quickly and began to unconciously tap his

toes. The boy was obviously embarrassed. Todd wondered whether his uncomfort

stemmed from the fact that they were talking about Sammy wetting his carrot or

the fact that he hadn’t done it at all. This made him feel proud and nostalgic

at the same time. "Well," Todd began, "first of all you know how

it is then when you first smell that luscious *censored*. That wet sweet aroma.

Douched every other day, lavished with creams and powders only fouled up once a

month by unholy seepages. But God didn’t make Eve equipped with a bottle of

Stay-Fresh. No, it’s good no matter what. . . "What’s Stay-Fresh"?

"It’s douche, brainiac. That stuff Mom keeps next to her *censored* diapers

under the sink. Now, don’t interrupt! I was saying that that smell is enough to

send your John Thomas ripping right through the denim of your jeans; and that’s

just the beginning. Long ago I stopped working my digits in Sandra’s sopping

mine and tried to go spelunking with my pride and joy right away. I did away

with the foreplay so to speak. I thought maybe I got so worked up in those

sweaty safaris in her cradle I just shot my wad too soon. FUCK!", Todd

punched his thigh harder this time, "Nothing seems to work". Sammy put

on his thinking cap again while Todd simmered after his outburst and thought for

a minute. He was usually unconcerned with his brother’s (or anyone else’s for

that matter) problems but when it came to this line of talk he would get a

throbbing erection. This was better than playing in the snow any day. "I

know!", he exclaimed, "Remember when Grandpa used to fool around with

us before he was sent to prison? I would pretend I was playing in my sandbox and

it helped me to forget about what was going on", his boner got a bit more

stiff as he said this, "maybe you should pretend you’re doing something

else when you try to rock in Sandra’s loins. That’s gotta help." Todd’s

brow creased and an outside party might have noted how much he looked like his

brother in that moment if one had been present. He was just getting ready to

give Sammy a brotherly whack on the back in gratitude when Sandra walked around

the corner of the house. "Hi honey! Hi Sammy! What are you guys doing

sitting out here in the cold? I’m freezing!" Indeed she was, Todd noticed.

Her nipples were protuding quite nicely from her wool sweater. His manhood

quickly follwed his brother’s example. "Oh we just got done having a

snowball fight", Sammy lied, "it’s about time for me to go in or Mom

will have a cow. Sorry I couldn’t stay and chat". With that he jumped up

and went inside. "Weird kid", Sandra said, "I just stopped by to

talk to you about something that’s been on my mind. You see. . . " Todd

interrupted her, "Before you say anything I just want you to know that I’ve

never done the deed in the snow and I’ve got a massive cockstand right

now". Sandra needed no further convincing and soon both of them were

melting snow with their hot young bodies. EPILOGUE Sammy watched them from his

upstairs window. It worked! It had actually worked! As he stroked his cock in

that five fingered pocket that is the lot of young boys with no other choice and

watched he felt a surge of pride. Those flakes so like stars from heaven began

to fall again and Sammy shot his load all over the windowsill. It was days

before he remembered to clean it up.


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