Computer Engineer Essay Research Paper A computer

Computer Engineer Essay, Research Paper

A computer engineer has many job responsibilities. Among these are designing, testing, installing, operating, and applying computers and computer systems as well as their components. They also might find new more efficient ways to solve problems with computers. They also prepare layouts and, flow charts as job responsibilities. Some specific tasks of a computer engineer include evaluating situations and solving problems by using certain facts.

The education required in this field is a bachelors degree in computer engineering, or a degree in electronics engineering. To obtain one of these degrees you will have to attend college for four years. The cost of your training will be somewhere between $35,000 and $60,000. Training schools in this field are just about any major college or technical school. Computer engineering or electronics engineering courses should be taken in college. As well as advanced math and science courses. In high school you should take higher math and science courses along with all of the computer classes you can get.

Personal qualities you will need in this field are varied. You need to be able to work well with others in groups. You should be responsible and have good problem solving skills. The ability to work with numbers is also something you should have. I feel that I am responsible, and I am good at working with numbers. These traits will help me in this field. I am also willing to change some of my existing qualities in order to obtain a job as a computer engineer. I think changing my existing qualities will be good for me and make me more fit for my job.

The potential job market in this field is very good. It is rapidly expanding, and there are many job opening in this field. The potential job market in this field is expected to continue to grow through the year 2005. This makes it easy to receive a job in the computer engineering field. The income opportunities in this field are differ depending on the education level. The national average income is around $3,670 a month for full time work as a computer systems analysist. Software engineers average between $3,750 to $5,170 a month. The financial situation of the software engineer is enough to support me. But it depends on the specific job and company you work at. This job may or may not require traveling it depends on the specific job you have. Some jobs you will be at the same office every day, and others you will be traveling around to different places and solving problems.

The possability of moving up in this field is very good. Since the computer knowledge is rapidly growing. Their rapid growth will mean lots of changes in the computer engineering field. This will require more training to be able to keep up with the rapidly changing computers. This will require time and money but most companies will pay for you to take the classes and for your time. Computer engineers work about forty hours a week unless they have a deadline they need to meet. Then they will need to work overtime.


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