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Jane Eyre Essay, Research Paper

Nate Bills


Jane Eyre

You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. In Jane Eyre by

Charlotte Bronte, we meet Jane Eyre, who finds her true love

to be someone she is not attracted to. Jane is attracted to

people who contain the same intellectual capacity as her,

and has no regard for those who have only beauty and money

to give. After attending an all girls seminary until she

reached the age of eighteen, Jane advertises for a job as a

governess, and receives one at an estate named Thornfield.

This is where she meets, Rochester, the owner of the

mansion, and her true love. When she learns of a dark secret

he has been keeping, she flees to another part of England

where she meets St. John, a man who she does find good

looking, but doesn’t like his personality. From here she

returns to Thornfield where she marries Rochester. If Jane

had gone through her life looking for beauty instead of

someone who shared a mental similarity with her, she never

would of found happiness.

Jane is attracted to Rochester, even though she does

not find him to be handsome. “…it was not easy to give an

impromptu answer to a question about appearances; that

tastes mostly differ; and that beauty is of little

consequence…” After answering no to Rochester’s question

of whether or not he was handsome, she goes on to tell him

that appearances mean little or nothing. Jane understands

that to have a true and loving relationship with someone,

that both must have not looks, but a similarity in thought,

and a like for the other’s personality. Relationship’s such

as this are ones of quality that will last for a long time.

Although Jane is not a beautiful women, she is able to find

happiness and that is what’s most important.


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