The Summer I Learned About Life Essay

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The Summer I Learned About Life

Teddie is a 14 old girl who is interested to learn about life. She has an sister named Hannah,

and a brother named Robert. Her family are concerned that she was not growing up to be as they

wanted her too grow. Teddie is the kind of girl who does not really want to express herself, who

hides things. They did not know she was stating to mature, and what she wanted to do for her future.

Grace is Teddies next-door neighbor who goes to school with Teddie. Grace had a crush on

Robert, Teddie was hiding that from Robert. Teddie was starting to show her family her feelings by

being mature enough to select her own clothes, and asking questions like how to bake something. In

school she was starting to get more serious and when she had writing homework she spend more

time making better sentences. She also started writing a journal to express her feelings. When she

was about 11 she was in the stage when you want to be noticed by being funny like hiding things.

She realized how stupid she was when she remembered that. She said that ” Once you’ve stolen

someone’s private thoughts, there’s no way you can give them back or get rid of them, no matter

how much you want to,” because Grace started having a crush on Robert when she was11, and

Teddie telled the school for fun , and the people in her class just to tease Grace about it. When

Teddie was 11 she hated reading when she was about fifteen she started getting interested on

reading because the boy that she liked named Will loved to read, and she wanted to figure out why

he liked to read and not her. When Will was four, Teddie just to go to school with him. Teddie just

to hate him.

She also started taking dancing lessons so the boys would ask her out. The book ends

when she is 17 and she realizes that life is not easie as she expect it to be and she wants to get

prepared for college, so she can have a good education. Her family are very proud of her because

she is learning about a totally new life.

If I was the author I would probably changed allot of things because they are not really

interested to read. It was kind of boring to read this book because I thought it was going to be more

exciting to read it, and I also like books about mysteries. I would probably would give more

examples about her life.


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