Los Dias De Los Muertos Essay Research

Los Dias De Los Muertos Essay, Research Paper

Los Dias De Los Muertos

The night air taints the haunted sky and the disturbance of children lasts until the following

morning. Halloween is a simple holiday that started many hundreds of years ago, but it was not

known as Halloween but “Los Dias De Los Muertos”.

Every autumn Monarch Butterflies return to Mexico for the winter protection of the trees.

The local town folk welcome back the returning butterflies, which they believe bear the spirits

of their dead relatives. The spirits are honored during Los Dias de los Muertos. Los Dias de los

Muertos translates to “the Days of the Dead”, and is traditional Mexican holiday honoring the

dead. It is celebrated every year at the same time as Halloween. Los Dias de los Muertos is not a

sad time, but instead a time of remembering and rejoicing.

The townspeople dress up as ghouls, ghosts, mummies and skeletons and parade through the

town carrying an open coffin. The local vendors toss oranges inside as the parade makes its way

past their markets. Lucky coffins can also catch flowers, fruits, and candies.

In the homes families arrange altars with flowers, bread, fruit and candy. they also put

up pictures of the deceased family members. In the night, burning candles are lit. The candles

represent dead family members.

The next day the families travel to the cemetery. They arrive with hoes, picks and

shovels. They also carry flowers, candles, blankets, and picnic baskets. They have come to clean

the graves of their loved ones. The grave sites are weeded and the dirt is raked smooth. The

Crypts are scrubbed and swept. Colorful flowers, bread, fruit and candles are placed on the

graves. Some people bring guitars and radios to listen to. The families will spend the entire

night in the cemeteries.

In conclusion, Los Dias De Los Muertos is a very formal and festive holiday for spanish

and other cultures alike. That day is just to remember the loved ones you once had and cherish

the memories you still retain. We can all learn from the Spanish and hopefully America will

celebrate this same holiday.


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