Prejudice Child Of Ignorance Essay Research Paper

Prejudice Child Of Ignorance Essay, Research Paper

A prejudice child, is a child of ignorance; a child that has been raised to believe what their parents believe. Prejudice is everywhere. People who have prejudices are raised to believe that they are normal and acceptable, and anyone that is different from them is not. Prejudice does not only apply to color. It can apply to background, sex, sexual preference, or nationality. Although people who have prejudices may think otherwise, not knowing that the definition of prejudice is a preconceived opinion they think there actions are not wrong, but all kinds are wrong. When placed in an environment with people, who do not have any prejudices, they come out looking stubborn, and ignorant.

The child’s parents may have put him in an environment where everyone is considered acceptable. His parents may have been wealthy, and put him in a private school that only other rich kids can attend. This would be an environment where there may not be racial differences. Because of the way, he was taught and raised, the child has become prejudiced, and the beliefs that his parents once had are now his own. When this child leaves that school, he has not had any contact with anyone from a different lifestyle. He will not know how to react to someone like a homeless person on the street. Like the child, everyone in America has a right to be here. Just because someone looks or acts different from him, that does not make his prejudices right. The nicest person in the world could be a homeless person, and the child would probably really like to know him. Instead, the child turns him away based on his appearance and financial situation. Prejudice stirs up a hate inside that the child will probably know for the rest of his life. Other people do not understand him because they know that living in America is a privilege. They understand that “all men and women are equal, and have just as much a right to be here as everyone else. However, the child does not realize this because of how he was raised.

The old TV show “All in the Family” is a good example of how ignorant and wrong prejudice is. The main character of the show is Archie Bunker. Although he can tolerate, black people, he often separates himself from them. When he talks to a black person, he always makes comments like, “I wouldn’t know because that’s something your people would know.” Archie is portrayed to be ignorant, and stubborn. He does not care much for anyone that is different from him. He does not like people who try to correct him, because he thinks he is always right. He ridicules people that are different from him and mocks things he does not understand.

Archie often goes by stereotypes. In his eyes, women are supposed to stay home and cook while he goes to work. He believes that women are not supposed to have jobs or do any physical work. In one episode, he did not want to see a doctor because the doctor was female, and he did not trust her to perform surgery.

Overall, Archie Bunker makes the show funny because he is ignorant. People laugh at him because they know his ideas and beliefs are wrong, and that makes him appear to be an idiot. “All In the Family” was a good show of its time. It used satire to show how silly and wrong prejudice is. Watching Archie taught me to laugh at people with that type of attitude towards people.

It is understandable that people like the child and Archie Bunker exist. Their beliefs may not be right, but this is not always their fault. A childhood with parents who are prejudiced or a secluded environment with only people that meet high standards is usually the reason a person grows up this way. Nevertheless, this obviously does not make it right. Prejudice is a type of hate, and hate of all kinds is wrong.

Prejudice is having bias feelings against someone for the way they look, dress, and act. This is a stupid reason to hate someone. In addition, in the end, the person who has this type of hate only turns out to be a child of ignorance.


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