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Plane Ride Essay Research Paper After many

Plane Ride Essay, Research Paper

After many hours of waiting in the lobby, the plane finally left the hanger. I took one

final glance at where I had been sitting for the past two hours and was glad that the

plane decided to come. As I walked toward the plane, I thought about all the terrible

things that I encountered while I was waiting in the lobby. The only bad thing was

that the lobby would be the easiest task to overcome.

When I boarded the plane and sat down all the trouble before that moment seemed

to be erased. We started our approach toward the wonderful blue sky when I heard a

slight rumble under my feet. I shook it off thinking that it was just the landing gear

retracting underneath the plane. The plane leveled off at about 7 thousand feet, which

seemed to be a safe distance from the blurry flat earth, but just a little to high for me.

We cruised toward our destination and about half way, we heard another rumble, but

this rumble could not be mistaken for the landing gear. In a panic to see what the

problem was I leaned over the extremely over weight passenger to look out the

window. I saw the plane heading into a black cloud that seemed to capture the suns

rays as it shined into the cloud. I knew this was a bad thing and I started to tell all that

I could. The other passengers started to scream and moan, as they seemed to know

death was close. The plane quickly drifted up and then down. It seemed to drop

thousands of feet each time. I was scared to death, but then I looked at the over

weight passenger and knew his only fear was that he was going to miss his next meal.

Then suddenly it all stopped. The sky was clear and blue again. I did not know what

to think except maybe these kinds of things happen everyday. I raised my hand and

motioned for a plane attendant. When she never seemed to care enough to come over

I got up and began to storm down to her. Half way down the isle I fell onto the floor.

I started to get up off my face when I heard the entire plane laughing at me. I slowly

lifted my bruised head off the ground. I saw a man that was standing directly above

me. He told me the strangest thing. He said get up the plane was ready to be boarded.

I then realized that the plane ride was a dream and a terrible trip was about to finally