Malcolmx Essay Research Paper Malcolm X by

Malcolmx Essay, Research Paper

Malcolm X by Mack-Williams. The author of this book has an objective point

of view. Malcolm Little was born on May 19, 1925 in Omaha, Nebraska. He was one of

three children. He had two older brothers. At a young age of six his father Earl Little was

ran over by a street car and died. Without Earl’s support the family was in struggle. Malcolm’s

mother Louise Little was offered welfare from the state and neighbors but refused it all because

of family pride. Eight years after his fathers death his mother was sent to a mental hospital

because she was not able to support her children and refused to take charity. After his mother’s

death Maclolm is sent to Ingham County juvenile home in Mason. At the school he attended he

was a top student until his teacher discouraged him of his dream of becoming a lawyer. After

the discouragment Malcolm’s life changed. He no longer was a top student and started hanging

out and were committing illegal activities. He was then arrested for burglary. When in jail

he heard about the Nation of Islam and was converted. This changed his life again forever.

Macolm worked hard to expand the teachings of the Nation of Islam. Due to his hard work

he had received the title X and became known as Malcolm X. The title X was to show

rejection of slavery and was a replacement of their lost name from African desent. In 1958

Malcolm marries Betty Sandars and eventually had 6 daughters. Malcolm soon found out that

his mentor Elijah Muhammed was having affairs and started to distrust him. He later is kicked

out of the Nation of Islam because he gains too much power and decides to travel to Africa. In

Africa he finds out that even white people treat black people equally and found out that the

teachings of Elijah Muhammed was wrong and converted to Orthadox Islam. Soon Malcolm X

travels to Mecca, the holy city of the Muslims. This pilgrimage was called the hajj in which a

Muslim must do at least once in his or her life time. After this event Malcolm X adopts the

name El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz to symbolize that he had already taken the Hajj. Malcolm X

played a big role in the civil rights movement and was a activist. On February 21, 1965

Malcolm X is assassinated during a speach in Harlem. Malcolm X was 39 at his death.

Malcolm X can be related to Jerry Renault of The Choclate War. Jerry and MalcolmX

were both young men who did what others would not dare to do. Jerry of The Choclate War

was assigned to sell choclates for his school by the most powerful group int the school called

‘The Vigils’. Jerry did what other feared to do and disobeyed the vigils. Jerry then had power.

He had influenced many others to take control of their own lives instead of being controlled by

The Vigils. Although Jerry was a school hero there were consequences to everything that he

had done. He was severely beaten up by The Vigils. Malcolm X did the same. Malcolm X

did not fear racism and stood up to his beliefs…

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