Generational Gaps Essay Research Paper The title

Generational Gaps Essay, Research Paper

The title of this play is called Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw.

This is a play about a man who picks a poor person off the street who

sells flowers named Eliza Doolittle. The man’s name is Henry Higgins.

Henry makes a bet with another man named Pickering. The bet was to see if

Henry could make Eliza, the poor girl from the streets, into a elegant,

beautiful girl with good manners. But I think that Henry gets too attached

to Eliza so when she overhears Henry and Pickering talking about how they

thank God it’s over, she gets really mad, Henry and her get into a fight,

and she leaves.

Henry Higgins was a gentleman. He dressed appropriately for

different occasions and always tried to look his best. Henry was could be

called eccentric aswell because he looked and acted a little odd at times.

He looked to be among the high by the way he dressed and spoke but at the

same time he didn’t seem to be in the high class because of his lack of


Henry Higgins’ main trait was that he was sometimes coarse, rude at

times. Being coarse means that he could be rude or obscene on occasion.

He shows this on a number of different occasions. For example, when Eliza

first makes an appearance at Henry’s mother’s house, Henry was jumping all

over the tables and screaming like a maniac. He also shows this character

trait when he is talking to Eliza at the end of the play, when he shows

that he actually does have feelings for her, she tells him that she loves

Freddy and he loves her very much in return. He then makes fun of Freddy

saying that he is a pathetic loser and that he will never be able to

support a now high class woman like Eliza.

Although Henry is best described as coarse, he also possesses other

traits aswell. Henry Higgins is a well spoken gentleman, but in a

different way. He speaks perfect English and never makes a mistake in his

pronunciation, he is actually not supposed to because he himself teaches

people to speak properly. He is very boisterous which means loud. He

shows this trait when he makes fun of Eliza when she does her expression,

Ahhaaaooo ! He tries to imitate it and sounds very annoying while doing so.

He is also very energetic. He shows us this when he teaching Eliza how to

become a lady, he’s jumping all over the room and screams at her to get it

right. He will not take advice from anybody and when he is arguing with

somebody, he always has to be right. He is also a very stubborn but yet

determined person. He shows this trait when his mother trys to give him

advise but he won’t take it. He doesn’t show his emotions well at all.

When his mother tells him to tell Eliza how he feels about her, he doesn’t

do anything because he’s scared about what she’ll say.

Although Henry possessed many positive and negative traits, above

all, Henry was a coarse, rude man.


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