Pornography Essay Research Paper When asked off

Pornography Essay, Research Paper

When asked off the bat whether pornography is morally acceptable, I instinctively responded with a stern No It is such a taboo subject that I not only wanted to stay away from it, but I also wanted to answer the way everybody else would answer. After long researching and thorough discussions with my group, I have not only found more reasons why pornography is bad, but also many reasons why it is good. I was surprised as to find good reasons as to why pornography might be good, but I did. With the help of Millean and Kantian I have seen a new way of looking at the subject of pornography. Millean is the first to influence me with his reasons for keeping pornography. I must admit I was quite impressed with the way all angles are met for a good argument by both Millean and Kantian.

Here are the Millean reasons as to why producing and consuming pornography is morally acceptable:

Like many movies and magazines, pornography is often viewed and leafed through for the purpose of entertainment. No matter how controversial a pornographic film maybe, or how immoral it may seem, or how inexpensive it may have been to make the film, chances are somebody will watch it and have satisfaction in doing so. Unconsciously when painting a picture in their mind of somebody enjoying pornographic material at their leisure, most people might see a male as the person in the picture. Though numerous times this maybe the case, there are also females that enjoy pornography also. Not to be excluded, there are also couples and groups who may enjoy pornography together for reasons not limited to spicing up their lives and having a safe and good time .

In addition to what pornography does for people on an entertainment point of view, it also can be used to contribute sex education. Soft-core pornography may show how two or more people can have sex without exposing themselves to so many diseases and other unwanted effects that may come when sex is performed. These points that are expressed in soft-core pornography are many times not learned in school. Pornography gives a user the ability to learn on his or her own time and pace.

It is stated in the constitution that the consumption of guns and other arms is legal. Now of course there are restrictions that apply to this law. One can not go out and purchase an atomic bomb for his or her own private protection, but there are numerous types of different weapons that can be possessed for protection and personal need. There is much controversy over the subject of being able to possess a weapon, there are many demonstrators for and against this case. One case that demonstrators use against the consumption of deadly and injurious weapons is that it is immorally wrong. There is many times the point made of pornography being morally wrong, but just like guns, it should not be outlawed. Similar to the reasons that I explained that guns should not be outlawed, pornography can make a strong case too. Just like for guns, pornography should not be outlawed based on moral reasons alone. Doing this would never give supporters for pornography a fair argument. Also in any argument there could be reasons why something should not be a certain way that actually outweigh moral obligation. If it causes harm, then pornography should be banned. Instead pornography is a self-regarding that can not harm anyone. As long as they are legally stable mentally, one should have absolute freedom to self-regarding acts.

The United States is different from many countries for numerous different reasons. Just about every citizen here is considered equal to all the others, and the government practices democracy. I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that this country offers and provides but one thing that is important and greatly appreciated throughout the land is the freedom of expression. There are few single words if any that one person can say and actually get in trouble for it, however there are many phrases that under certain situations can get you something as harsh as time in prison. Pornography also has limits that it must not exceed so that it may remain legal under law. If freedom of is used properly it provides greater happiness for society than preventing expression does.

The cigarette industry is believed to be responsible for killing millions and millions of its users and others who do not use their product every year. While lives are at stake, billions and more billions of dollars are being gained each year. With large gains of money for a company or industry comes large gains of economic benefits. As the porn industry continues to grow, there also grows the amount of jobs for photographers, actors, producers, cameramen, directors, stage men, and others that are associated with the porn industry. Just like every other privately owned industries in the United States, the porn industry produces taxes that are used to fund public services that help all citizens, even those that do not care for pornography. In comparison to the cigarette industry, there are few to none reported deaths or tragedies that the porn industry is believed to be responsible for.

A group of many people get together and perform sexual acts with one another and have a good time. A woman performs and has performed on her sexual acts by numerous different men. Two strangers meet at the supermarket, have strong sexual feeling for one another, and perform sex without any type of protection that same night. The above instances are all examples of how a pornographic film, magazine, or other source, may have been played out. Though in most cases pornography portrays sex happening from unlikely situations, they are the fantasies of many people. These fantasies do not only show unlikely situations, but they also represent situations that are not of ones best judgement. For example, not using protection while having sex is bad judgement, but bad judgement can be reduced to horrible judgement when one performs it with a stranger. This maybe the fantasy for many people though. Pornography allows people to vent their fantasies with out actually acting upon them. This is not only healthy for the user but also satisfying and can be done many times over.

Viagra claims to work wonders for males. There are many other products on the market that claim to enhance sexual pleasure for the male and female consumer. While these products only work if one consumes them, pornography helps people with out ever going inside ones body. It may also work better in some cases too. Pornography stimulates sexual fantasies that probably would not have been fantasized about. Resulting from the stimulation of sexual fantasies, one s pleasure in sexual relationships could increase.

As if Millean did not have enough strong claims to reasons why producing and consuming pornography is morally acceptable, Kantian has more. His points are right-based reasons, and here they are:

While growing up, people are naturally faced with decisions that affect near and distant future. Aware of these decisions, some people will set goals with intentions of reaching certain heights. The drive for accomplishing one s goals can often be accredited to their self-determination. Consuming and enjoying pornography maybe the goal that somebody wants to accomplish. In the instance that somebody buys pornographic material then watches or reads it in the privacy of their own home or surroundings, then there is no violation of someone else s rights. There are pornographic films and literature that portray women being mistreated, abused, and used. There are also films on that will appear on a theatre screen near you and they also will portray people being misused, and many times killed, along with other acts that are considered morally wrong. Most people in our society naturally do not to perform these acts that are seen or read about, for if they did, they would be violating another persons rights. There is nothing wrong though with watching or reading imaginative tales of fantasies and dreams.

Women are often an important part in the making of a pornographic production. A male character many times is in the film also, but the lady is studied more carefully. If pornography was censored, then it would deny women the chance to show their sexual originality. Just like men, women enjoy sex too. Just like men also, women have sexual fantasies. These sexual fantasies can often be satisfied with the help of pornography. Outlawing pornography would deny women this right that they should have.

Burger King pays most of the people that work in its restaurant chain minimum wage. A dentist gets paid money for operating on their patient s oral cavity. A person in the porn industry is acting and getting paid for it. Just like the other two examples, the person involved in the production of pornography is an employee getting paid to work. They are not held under obligation to do what they do, but they choose to do it just like someone else does when they work somewhere else. The women in these films are also not actually being raped or dominated, it is just acting. Sometimes the actresses are not sexually climaxing as they may appear to be, it is just acting. A blacksmith learns his trade and may perform it for the rest of their life. That is their skill, and since people are in need of his skill, he continues to have a job and earns money for it. Actors and actresses in the porn industry also have skills, and they should be able to use them as long as they are in demand. Though it may considered to be morally wrong, the right to perform these acts is does not violate the rights of anyone. Since this is, there is no reason that they should not be allowed to do what they want to earn money as long as it is legal.

Hollywood has shown just about every script it could show. There have been so many movies depicting real life and fictional situations that producers in Hollywood are now into doing remakes of films. There has been violence depicted on screen along with corruption, drugs, and futuristic thoughts. The daily newspaper also prints stories that will attract readers to buy that edition if they do not already subscribe. The most attractive stories are often ones of violence. Though the filmmakers in Hollywood and the daily newspaper depict and report events that are immoral, they continue to do so. Just like they do it, so should pornography also be able to continue to produce products. Though pornography shows acts that are immoral, it only portrays these acts on film and in literature. Also unlike the some movies and the newspaper, one must be of legal age to view the content that is portrayed so that means only responsible adults are allowed to use pornography.

Although Millean has many strong reasons as to why pornography is morally acceptable, there are reasons that he has that express why pornography is not acceptable, here they are:

Many forms of entertainment show different aspects and events that may occur in ones life. Whether it be a book, television, film, or live theater, there are acts ranging from violence to happiness. In pornographic films, the act that is being shown can at times can be one that violates the rights of a woman. Despite this being a form of entertainment, this also makes women in general that much more in danger of men committing these same acts on them. Studies show that men exposed to pornography are more likely to commit violence against women than those who are not exposed. Pornography in some cases stimulates sexual activity and fantasy. The fantasy of dominating women or raping one does not have to be witnessed by a consumer to actually think of it. Using pornography can simply enhance an already fantasized thought and cause someone to act upon it.

Even if something that is entertainment like pornography can spark ideas of violence, it is harmful and morally wrong. The rights of others in our society are very important. They should not be violated by any person or group, that includes the government. If something is harmful enough that it can actually violate these rights, then it can be banned. Pornography does have the potential to cause someone to perform unwanted acts on another individual therefore making it harmful.

Misleading and negative attacks on a group of people can lead to disastrous circumstances. For instance the Jews during the reign of Hitler in Germany were degraded just about as far down as a human can be. False propaganda led to people believing that Jews were one of the bottom races of the human race. As we know, many Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Pornography, although not as severe, also gives false assumptions of how another group of people are, women. Porn portrays women as sexual objects. The women in these publications are there to satisfy the man s craving for sex. Porn also depicts women as being ones that like to be hurt and humiliated. Though these maybe ways that some women want to be treated, but not most. Porn is large enough that it can be used to spread the wrong ideas about women.

Kids say the darndedst things. They also are capable of getting a gun and carelessly using it. Even when put in a safe place, a child is capable of recovering items that they are not supposed to have. That same incident can occur when a child recovers pornographic material. Unaware of the nature and consequences of pornographic material, a child can be scarred for life.

Even though pornographic material does give sex education, it can be the wrong kind. In pornography, unconscious messages can be sent. One is that women are nothing but sex objects. Men learn that women like to be demeaned abused and humiliated. They may also learn that even when a women says no, it really means that they want you to keep going. Women also learn that they are just to supposed to satisfy the man during sex. They may also get the idea that being abused and mistreated is all part of women s sexuality. These are all false ideas that can be heavily influenced by pornography.

Under a lot of pressure for different reasons, the actors in the porn industry are often pressured into doing their job. This feeling of thinking that you have to do instead of wanting to do something is wrong. It is at this time when actors are having this feeling that they are talked into joining the porn industry. Against their own will is how some women and children are put into the porn industry. They are beaten raped and imprisoned. All pornographic actors are at a greater risk than normal to be exposed to the risks of STDs and AIDs. The sex in pornography is often shared between strangers who have had numerous other sexual encounters. This right there causes the chances of an STD to go up. Because the porno industry is so free, one has no way of knowing the sexual history of the person one has sex with in films or literature.

Though pornography is most of the time viewed inside the confines of someone s private space, it still is viewed by people who do not wish to view the material. Sometimes by accident this occurs, it could easily happen though because of the large public presence that pornography has. There are even billboards that are for sex clubs depicting pornographic material.

Just like Millean, Kantian also has reasons as to why pornography is not morally acceptable, here they are:

The effect that porn has on the consumer and sometimes the actors goes unseen. First off, there is the way it indirectly affects women. Though it is not direct slandering, women are slandered everyday. When somebody is watching a pornographic film, the reputation that women have is definitely slandered. The salaries that women and children make in the porn industry are unfair. They are often underpaid and overworked. They must continue to work this job though because that is all they know how to do. They are also pressured into making these films instead of just wanting to do it in the first place. In the end, they are just used to make a profit. If the production agency does not need them anymore, then they may just be thrown away like garbage and not used again.

It is considered dangerous, morally wrong, and disrespectful when a prostitute rents their body out for sexual activity. That is exactly what an actor or actress is doing in the porn industry. Just because this sex is going to be caught published does not mean it is ok to do. It is not morally right or even allowed in most places for a prostitute to perform sex for money, so the porn industry should be no different. Just because one is acting out a self-degrading at another level does not make it ok. Especially in hardcore porn where the sex is not being acted out, but is actually happening.

The consumer should already know better than to purchase pornographic material. One should want to improve the character of their own self. Buying and consuming pornography does not improve the character of anyone, it can only bring ones character down. That reason alone should be enough for porn not to exist.

There are many good points that are touched upon in this essay. Overall I believe that there are strong points for both reasons why pornography should not exist and why it should still stay around. In looking at this essay, I believe that the strong points for pornography staying are found under the Millean reasons why producing and consuming pornography is morally acceptable. I feel that these points were strong because of the way it dismissed reasons that it was morally wrong. The strongest point under there was the argument Allowing production of pornographic materials provides greater happiness for society than preventing expression does . Since this is for the greater of society and not just individual situations, this was a strong point. On the other hand, reasons against pornography also showed many good cases. I think the strongest argument against pornography was The lies about the nature of women spread by porn do not just harm women but violate their rights . Not only is this important because it is violating rights, but it is also history repeating itself. If women are slandered by such false propaganda, then all we have is people thinking about women the wrong way, just like people thought about the Jews during the Holocaust.

When everything is considered and thoroughly thought over, it is overall unfair to ban pornography. Though it is morally wrong, it helps society in many different ways more than it hurts it. There are also other morally wrong things that should be considered even worse than producing and consuming pornography. Cigarette smoking and owning guns should be outlawed definitely if pornography is. Also there is the violence that is published in literature and on produced on film that should be banned. There are many reasons why these examples are not banned. Just like they are not banned, pornography should not be either. There are too many pluses to throw them out.



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