Piranha Essay Research Paper PIRANHA

Piranha Essay, Research Paper


Did you know that there are at least twenty-five different kinds of piranhas? Most

have deep flat bodies, range in color from olive green to blue black, and have red orange


The most dangerous of the species have large very sharp teeth, the upper and

lower set which fit perfectly together. These remarkable fishes have other characteristics

which enhance their biting ability. Their lower jaws are sturdy and they swing shut at an

angle that gives maximum leverage. Their deep flat bodies which offer resistance when

swung sideways through the water add to the leverage. Incredibly large muscles are

attached to the jaws. The muscles are so sturdy that when you that when you look down a

large specimens throat it barely looks like enough room to swallow. When the fish clamps

down on a victim it grabs firmly and twists its body violently until a piece is torn loose. In

a word, the piranha is the most efficient biting machine. Every body part seems to make a

contribution to this function.

Fishing for the piranha in the Guyanas upper Abary River can be very exciting but

very dangerous. The author of Unusual Aquarium Fishes, Alan Mark Fletcher, was

using special heavy shanked steel fish hooks and twice piranhas bit completely through the

strong fish hooks. A man with a pair of pliers would have a hard time snipping through the

heavy shanked hooks. This author has taken many daring risks such as having himself

photographed holding a live piranha in the exact spot where it had just been caught.

While in some places the piranha are extremely dangerous, in others its quite

harmless most of the time. In the upper Amazon River, Indian children swim and play in

the waters that teems with the fish. Yet in Guyanas Abary River one takes a great risk to

place his hands in the water.

Some species of the piranha family, called the Candiru, attach themselves by

means of suction, for which their mouths are adapted. They fasten themselves on their

victim and then painlessly cut the skin and gorge themselves in its blood.

Any of the fish brought to the market at Manaos often show many wounds

inflicted by the piranha. Below the first fall in the Maderia River, it is difficult to take a

catfish which has not been bitten several times by the piranha. The vicious nature of this

specie is becoming legendary. There are numerous accounts of savage attacks on animals

such as cattle being reduced to bones in seconds by a school of piranhas.

At the present time there are many piranhas in the United States. Most pet stores

believe they are lacking something if they do not ” keep one of the monsters.” This has led

to the import of many of these bloodthirsty fellows and much has been learned about

handling them.

Most dealers have a hard time with this vicious specie because piranhas can

destroy the best of usual nets. A special net must be used, such as one made of plastic

materials, when handling these fish. These fish must be shipped separately or they will

surely tear each other apart. This is in direct contrast to their natural schooling.

Most dealers feed the piranha their dead fishes. As they pull them out of the tank

they merely throw them into the piranhas tank and in a short time they disappear. Some

Aquarists have put their hands in the piranha tank without any bad consequences, but this

is not recommended.

My interest in piranhas come from having one as a pet, while I enjoy it I have a

great deal of respect for it and handle it with caution.

Bibliography World Book P-15 p.497

Unusual Aquarium Fishes by Alan Mark Fletcher

The Secret Lives of Fishes by Bernard Ludwig Gordon

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