Populus Francorum Essay Research Paper A series

Populus Francorum Essay, Research Paper

A series of aristocratic leading men, or Frankish empire

with large numbers of more or less equal free men under a King?? Traditional view that Frankish full of free

men? Why: Merovingians acted so arbitrarily that does not seem to have

been an effective aristocratic counter-force. Legal evidence distinguishes between unfree and free,

implies no nobility Not much evidence for inheritance of power and wealth, basis

of aristocracy surely? Older model: transition free men to aristocratic politics

result of feudalism ? vassalage + benefice, men who rose to power were those

who had vassalage with the King, ordinary free men lost direct ink with the

King. Today?s Model ? was an aristocracy, many were related to

office-holders of the Merovingian period, suggests aristocracy which DID NOT

owe existence to the Carolingians ? can?t trust genealogy but certainly strong

kinship links. Warfare and justice adds weight to idea Frankish society not

undifferentiated equal free men ? armies not just peasants but mainly of

followings of great men, peasants rule dout, not because of technique, but

because of cost ? those rewarded with loot by he King were great men, putting

men into battle was an investment.?

Benefits of war, slaves and treasure of use only to men with large

estates and enw lands granted out not in small holdings. Revival of use of free-men in war used in less profitable

defensive wars Danes and Saracens ? Level of the empire and its assemblies ? Carolingian

political community consisted, as under Merovingians, small group of men, whom

by position and lifestyle we ca term nobility. The boundary between free men and Carolingian nobility was

by no means rigid.? However the

aristocracy did rule ithe king, via discussion and consultation, not ruled by a

supreme ruler. Leading men important in that their families held scattered

property across the Frankish empire ? just as Merovingian and Roman

predecessors had ? married into ad helped integrate new lands that came into

the Frankish kingdoms in the 9th century ? ties of property and

family important formation of East Francia


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