Carolyngian Rennaisance Essay Research Paper Carolingian Renaissance

Carolyngian Rennaisance Essay, Research Paper

Carolingian Renaissance

Charles the Great s rule made a lasting impression on Europe. His rule began in 768A.D. As he defeated many enemies, he compelled them to accept the Church of Rome. In 800A.D., Pope Leo III crowned him Holy Roman Emperor. During his reign Charlemagne dedicated himself to strengthening the church and bringing learning to his empire. Across The Centuries page 259. This dedication affected Europeans for centuries to come.

Although Charles the Great was illiterate, he encouraged all people to learn to read and write. To accomplish this goal, his greatest scholar Alcuin, from England, led the other scholars in copying Greco-Roman manuscripts and religious documents. They performed all of this in Aachen, the center of culture, religion, and education, which exists to this day in Germany. In Aachen scholars from all over the world came to teach and help copy manuscripts. They communicated in Latin. Not only did he promote literacy within the Frankish kingdom, he more than doubled the Frankish Empire. The borders increased to Germany, France, Holland, Belgium, Italy, part of Spain, and a small part of Austria. To help promote unity he converted all people to Christianity. After this, Christianity spread all over Europe. Charles the Great had a close relationship with the church and helped protect it. In addition to requiring that all clergy become literate, he also demanded their honesty in carrying out their responsibilities. Charles the Great standardized currency within the empire, facilitating commerce. Not only did this economically strengthen the empire, but also encouraged communication between cultures. Eventually the empire developed a distinct culture of its own. Many scholars in Aachen invented an easier way of writing. This form of writing was less time-consuming and was easier to use; it was call Carolingian miniscule. Carolingian miniscule is modern day lower-case letters. Carolingian miniscule helped promote literacy within the empire.

All of Charles the Great s achievements had an inspiring effect on the empire. Charles the Great s accomplishments laid the foundation for modern- day Europe


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