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School Security Essay, Research Paper

School Security

School security is a huge issue among every school in the nation. With the not so recent tragedies at Pearl River High in Pear, Mississippi, and Columbine High in Denver, Colorado people have questioned the security of our nations schools. Many states have taking vital steps toward making their schools safer, but is this enough. Many people say yes, but there are some who say no, and some say they have done to much and overstepped their boundaries.

Most schools have enforced stricter dress codes, and have forced their students to wear uniforms. Officials say this act promotes unity among students, which in returns makes students grades higher. Some studies have also proven this. These studies show that students who were uniforms tests grades went up five through ten percent. In my opinion wearing uniforms does not make students grades go up it is hard work and great teachers who do. One argument for school uniforms is if someone walks in the school who may be a possible threat teacher will be able to recognize them because they will not be wearing them. This is wear school I.D. badges come into play. Some schools make all teachers, staff, and students wear badges, so any one not wearing them would be recognized as a non-student. I think this is a good idea. Uniforms also cut down on gang activity. Certain gangs wear certain colors, and by having uniforms students will be forced not to wear neutral colors.

Another major issue concerning school security is locker and student searches. I fell searching a student s locker and person without his or her permission unconstitutional. School officials say searching a student s locker and person is necessary to maintain efficient security at school. In 1985 the Supreme Court ruled in the case New Jersey -vs- T.L.O that school administrators may search a student s locker without a warrant or probable cause if the suspect the student is doing something illegal.

I think clear bookbags and cameras are also good ideas to beef up security. Plenty of schools around the country are using both of them now. Clear bookbags prevent students from hiding weapons and other illegal objects. Cameras help administrators keep an eye on students without leaving their office. This way they can do other work that needs to be done at the same time. Cameras also help administrators keep unwanted people out of the schools. If a non-student walks in they will be spotted by the camera, and then an administrator of teacher can go check them out to see if they are a possible problem.

Metal detectors are also great ideas for schools. I like the idea of every school installing metal detectors. This would also cut down or even eliminate the possibility of students getting weapons inside the school. Armed police officers should also be inserted into every school to go along with the metal detectors. Just the presence of armed police officers in the school would cut down on the violence inside the school. Having armed police officers would also detour would be problems from off the street from coming inside the school.

School security is a major issue in our nation, and I think every school in the country should look over and consider making changes in their system of making sure the kids are safe. This is an issue that is so important that maybe Congress , state and local governments should step in and try to offer reasonable solutions. I think the topic of school security should be addressed promptly and correctly. The violence in our schools has no meaning and makes absolutely no sense at all. It is a responsibility of everyone in the community to help with this problem, but more so of the parents. The parents must step in to help and produce feedback and possible solutions, for without the parents help this issue will never be solved. I hope and think that one day all of our nation s schools will be safe and free from worry of an attack.

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