Hippy Speech Essay Research Paper What is

Hippy Speech Essay, Research Paper

What is a hippy? A hippy Is mainly a teenager growing up in the 40 s and 50 s areas and becoming a hipster or a hippy in the 60 s. They are down to earth people , with customs of there own. They developed there style or way of life in everything they did, music, clothing, ideology and drugs. Because of drugs they wear known as dirty old pot smoking hippy s. They felt they could smoke pot anywear and everywear, and they did. They smoked at many social gatherings and protests, they believed that marijuana should be legalized in the u.s. The hippies basically didn t like to be told what to do, and that was a major reasone they did it to rebel, the government told them what drugs they can use and couldn t and they didn t like that too much. The Hippy movement mainly took off after world war 2, Hippy roots lie deep with the beatnicks which wear basicly hippies in a ideology form of sense, they had the same beliefs but they mainly stayed in coffee shops. The hippies took there level of thinking but let society know it. They were very public and festive. Expressing what they thought during festivals and sit-ins. The hippy genry or the movement mainly took off because of music and Vietnam. They started small and grew. They first started out of Berkley collage and from there escalated and as it seemed sometimes they took over whole campuses. They were sick of racism, women rights, poverty, war, and wanted peace. They were big on peace and greatly apposed the war, one of the greatest pro peace festivals and gatharing of hippies was during Woodstock wear they enjoyed each other and eachothers beliefs over three days of peace filled with great music. Music such as the greatfull dead. There music flowed with there beliefs. The government couldn t stop there flow of beliefs because it was everywear.

I’m not sure what led to the dwindling of the hippie movement. Maybe it was the gains made in civil rights and women’s rights. Maybe it was the end of the war in Vietnam. Could be the hippies just thought the fight was over. They felt that they made a difference for a while. Then it seems that during the Regan era there was a setback. Hippies started losing their individual rights that they gained. It turned from the we, generation to the me generation. What’s in it for me? Whole families wound up living on the streets, homeless. Racism has raised it’s ugly head again. The Ku Kluk Klan has begun to grow and skinhead groups are showing up even in rural communities. The Environmental Protection Agency is being stripped of it’s authority. Hippies that are coming out of there deep sleep are stressing that the movement hasn’t died. There are still a lot of old hippies out there starting to speak there minds. There are also a growing number of new young hippies with the ideals and hopes that the old hippy generation had. The old Hippy generation will need new blood if they are going to survive the next century. Only time will tell if the Hippy revolution is coming to a final end.


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