Obstacles Immigrants Face(Using The Book Lupita Ma

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Run!Run! Run! La migra is coming! Immigrants especially illegal immigrants like Lupita and Salvador, face many obstacles in adjusting to life in the United States. Some obstacles they face are being taken advantage of. Also, being poor in Mexico just carried over here. “Ice cream sundae? What is that? Asked Lupita who had never heard these words before 75 cents!?! So much! Lupita shook her head in dismay. That was half a hours pay.” Working for $1.50 an hour is so low, it makes a lot of people sick. But yet Lupita can live off that pay, which can barely purchase a hamburger these days. Can people out there imagine that purchasing a sundae is too much to afford? Also, coming from a poor family just carried over to the United States. After arriving, receiving low paychecks just dug them deeper and deeper into the poor hole. People earning minimum wage today ($5.75) is considered as the lower or poor class of society. What class can illegals like Lupita and Salvador fall under? It’s truly sad how they find a way to save enough money to send some home to their poor families.

Being taken advantage of is a must in the United States. “Salvador, I will pay you $2.50 an hour. That is about 50 pesos, but 1/3 of that will be taken and given to the person who forged your papers.” That is totally being taken advantage of just because he’s an illegal immigrant. Getting paid below minimum wage is already enough to make Salvador mad, but how can an illegal complain? He deserves $5.75 an hour as do any worker or employee in America, but sadly he’ll never get that luxury. These are just a few examples of obstacles or barriers illegal immigrants’ today face. People still make fun of them. But looking at how hard they try and how hard they work just to survive, everyone who has ever looked down upon an immigrant should look down and be ashamed for not praising their courage and determination to succeed and survive in today’s society.


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