The World Of Cloning Essay Research Paper

The World Of Cloning Essay, Research Paper

For many years, scientists, as well as the people of this nation, have been interested in a subject known as cloning. The word clone originally came from the Greek word klon, meaning, a branch or offshoot. In 1961, J.B. Gurdon cloned a tadpole by destroying the nuclei in an unfertilized cell and replacing it with one from an adult tadpole. He says this technique can also be used in humans.

Why clone a person? Cloning is very useful. Its study can further our knowledge of embryonic cell division and immunology as well as organ rejection. Cloning has already been introduced as a part of the studies of cancer and the aging of the human body. Another example of using cloning in medicine is the story of Dr. Beatrice Mintz. She produced mice with Lesch-Nydam disease. This is used as an animal model of human genetic disorders.

Over 400 years ago cloning was already evolving. In Europe we see an example of selective breeding. This was used after Leonardo Da Vinci died. The people wanted another talent like him so they set out to find a young woman who had the same attributes as Da Vinci s mother who would birth a child and raise and train him in the arts.

Similar ideas have come about. J. B. S. Haldane proposed the idea that we save the genotypes of famous people and use them to make a clone. These clones could be used to enhance our culture. Dr. Elof Axel wants cloning to be used to resurrect dead personalities. But this idea is completely absurd and unethical.

Some people think that cloning is all bad. The fact is that it isn t. Cloning is one of the most incredible discoveries ever made. It may soon eliminate horrible genetic defects and lead us to curing cancer. Knowledge of genes would allow us to do something about inherited defects. Down s syndrome is another example. This defect occurs when a person receives an extra chromosome (47, instead of 46.) We must understand that parts of cloning are still being researched, but if genetic engineering could be used to cure the pains and sufferings of crippling disorders, it would be worth certain risks.


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