My Life Essay Research Paper My life

My Life Essay, Research Paper

My life came to the brink of extinction,

It was meaningless and had no distinction,

Every door locked, every turn a dead end,

Every road crossed, nothing left to pretend,

I needed hope, and I needed a destiny,

I needed her, and she was there for me,

She who saw me when I was at my lowest,

She who helped me when I needed her most,

She who brings me joy every time she does speak,

She who answers to the name Monique,

Everything I say now, I?ve probably already said before,

But that doesn?t bother me, I?ll just repeat myself some more,

See my words come through my mouth and from my heart,

My heart splits into parts, of which there are two,

One part helps me breathe,

The other belongs to you,

You?re like my skin, keeping me warm when I?m in the cold,

Protecting me from all this pain, you touch my soul,

Holding me close when I?m scared,

Come rain or shine, you?re always there,

Without you shielding me all over,

My emotions would bleed from terror,

The fear of not having you by my side,

The pain of not being able to call you mine,

The woe of losing all that I ever had,

There?s only one thing here that keeps me glad,

And that is, that thankfully none of this is true,

You?re still here with me, just as I?ll always be here for you,

I?d rather not say, that for you I?d climb a mountain,

Or, that for you I?d swim the deepest ocean,

Because I?d be lying, I can?t do any of those things,

All I can do, is tell you how much delight your presence brings,

I don?t care for the stars, I don?t care for the moon,

I like them right where they are, all I need is you,

I?ll keep on showering you in love and affection,

Until the day, the sight of you doesn?t give me an erec- ahemm!!!

My world came to the brink of extinction,

It was meaningless and had no distinction,

But then you came down and showed me happiness,

I look back now and see how much I?ve been blessed,

Everything meant nothing to me in my time of strife,

But now I have a reason to live, it is you, you are my life.


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