Al Gore For A Better America Essay

Al Gore: For A Better America Essay, Research Paper

As a Member of Congress and as

Vice President, Al Gore has worked hard to ensure that all

Americans have access to affordable, quality health care. He has fought for a

strong, enforceable Patients’ Bill of Rights, worked to ensure that women and

children receive high quality care, promoted innovative solutions for long

term care needs, and fought to protect and improve Medicare and Medicaid. Gore

also has been a leading advocate for medical research.

Gore Supported the Largest National Gun Enforcement

Initiative in History. Gore is fighting for a gun enforcement initiative that

includes 500 new ATF Agents and Inspectors to

crack down on violent gun criminals, and over 1,000 federal,

state, and local gun prosecutors to incarcerate gun criminals.

Also, the initiative calls for more than tripling current funding for

ballistics testing programs in order to launch the first-ever national

ballistics network to track down gun criminals by

linking bullets to the guns they were fired from, as well as

providing $10 million for “smart” gun technology, to ensure that

guns are only fired by their owners. Gun Crimes Down by 35 percent. Since

1992, we have seen a 35 percent drop in crimes committed with a firearm.

Prosecution of Gun Criminals Increased. Since 1992, federal prosecutions of

offenders who commit crime with firearms have increased by 16 percent. Overall

gun prosecutions at the federal, state, and local level have increased by 22

percent since 1992 – thanks to better coordination with state and local law

enforcement. Criminals Jailed for Weapons Offenses Increased. In 1996, the

most recent year for which data is available, 22 percent more criminals were

incarcerated for either state or federal weapons offenses than in 1992.

Gore Supports Zero Tolerance for Guns in Schools

Gore Is An Advocate for Child Safety Locks

Gore Supports Comprehensive Crime Gun Tracing

As Vice President and as a Member of Congress, Al Gore has been a leader in

improving educational opportunities for all Americans. He has championed

efforts to pursue proven strategies for improving public education – reducing

class sizes, improving standards and accountability, and bringing technology

into classrooms. He has worked to increase access to higher education and

lifetime learning opportunities, and he has advocated for get-tough proposals

to make schools safer and drug-free.


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