Beo Wulf Essay Research Paper Summary of

Beo Wulf Essay, Research Paper

Summary of Beowulf’s Journey to Heroism!!

1.) Beowulf hears about the on going problems with Grendel, and sets out that very night with the best of his men to come and defeat the one known as Grendel.

2.) Beowulf spends days fighting threw the traitorous acts of the sea to aide us during Grendel’s Relm over the hall.

3.) Beowulf loses one of his men when Grendel enters the hall. There Beowulf and Grendel fight. During the fight Beowulf rips Grendel’s arm, from the shoulder down, right off his body. Horrified, and in grave pain Grendel escapes and goes off to his den to die.

4.) During the battle Beowulf struggles with enormous strength to break free of the embrassement between the two as they engage while fighting.

5.) After the conquering of Grendel Beowulf is noticed all over the world for defeating but once again another monster. As always fighting with honor and dignity towards his opponent. Never fighting with an unfair advantage.

6.) Beowulf will now return to his homeland and settle down as king. Knowingly he is becoming weaker, and seeing himself as being mortal. However, he is still looked upon as a great warrior.

7.) After many years of living in peace and not having any monsters to fight, Beowulf feels his time has past and will no longer fight unless his fate tells him otherwise.

8.) After living for many years in peace and having no monsters to fight Beowulf feel he has done what his fate has had planned for him. He now feels at one with himself as well as the rest of the world.

The Return Of Beowulf….

Beowulf having already defeated Gendel, now returns to defeat the mother of Grendel. For she heard of Beowulf, and is also terrorizing the great hall. Upon his return he was welcomed with warmth from all the people. Beowulf had found the lair of Grendel’s mother and went there to pay a visit. There he battled, it seemed endlessly, with Grendel’s mother. After the defeat of her he also cuts Grendel’s head off to take and hang it is the hall to show that he nor his mother are no longer a threat to their village.

Beowulf’s Arrival

Opon arrival today Beowulf was greeted with great hostility soon after he landed ashore. Noticing this hostility he abruptly stated that he was here to save our town from the wrath of Grendel. Once he was ushered on to the hall everyone stopped in awe of his enormous size. Beowulf walked with pride, as well as his Geats to follow.

Beowulf Returns Home.

After long battles with Grendel and his mother Beowulf and the Geats are able to return back home. They receive a very warm welcome, for they had heard of their spectacular accomplishments. Here Beowulf is able to settle down with the fame he has always been in search. While home he was made king, and remained for more than fifty years.


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