Fraudulent Chats With Unlike A Essay Research

Fraudulent Chats With Unlike A Essay, Research Paper

Your standing in the lunch line and who happens to be in front of you, but Natalie Smith, that girl you just can’t stand, everything she does just irks you. Even the thought of her brings these disturbing thoughts, that can’t be that healthy, like wanting to take her by her little, blonde pig tails and swing her off from the highest building, making those little rosy cheeks stained with blood, this bringing the biggest grin to your face. Being her bubbly, cheerful self, she turns around, gives you the brightest smile, and acts as if its a surprise to see you. This all follows with one of those fake conversations. Everyone has had to have one, so I am sure you all know what I am talking about. You both know you don’t care for one another, but you carry on with a friendly, “How have you been? What have you been up to?” bogus conversation.

I particularly hate when I bump into these people. What I rather do, is turn to them and say, “I really don’t like you and I know you don’t really like me, I could care less, my life will go on, I really have no reason at all to talk to you, so please… step aside!” This of course is the nice way of putting it. And its really a simple solution to get out of those miserable conversations, with the phonies that like to put on fronts. Those people that like to be nice to everyone. Saying something along these lines, would surely set these people in their places and they will come to see that maybe not everyone is a Mary Poppins sunshine 24/7. You can just be upfront, you wont have to struggle to smile to the person you most despise, you wont have to act like you care about what they did during their vacation. If they went para sailing off in Hawaii, unless the little ropes on their parachute snapped and there little, fragile body went crashing down on the cold, brisk water, instantly braking every bone in their body. Then you would not only not have to talk to them, but wouldn’t even have to see their face and having to cross paths.


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