Pig Man Essay Research Paper Three individuals

Pig Man Essay, Research Paper

Three individuals with varying personalities and backgrounds come together in a

strange and magical way to help each other strengthen in their weak points. Lorraine who is self-conscious has John to make her happy and forget about her worries. John does not have many weak points except that he smokes and drinks. When he is around Lorraine and Mr. Pignati he does not do this as much. Mr. Pignati who is a very lonely individual has John and Lorraine to help him be happy and forget about his wife s death.

Three very different people come together in unexpected and strange encounters. John and Lorraine meet on the school bus, and this is when we get our first glimpse of Lorraine s insecurity. They are strangers sitting next to each other. John starts laughing, Lorraine, feeling as though she is the target of his laughter asks him to stop, he stops then begins again, this time Lorraine joins in. John is a rebel and a loner, a user who is out for himself, although he may act like he doesn t care about anyone else, the encounter on the bus is the beginning of a friendship between an unlikely pair. Lorraine makes him want to better himself. Lorraine is paranoid, conservative, compassionate, and quiet. John helps lift Lorraine s self esteem; he makes her feel happy.

While playing a phone game with John, Lorraine meets a lonely man who surprises her with his eager response to her prank. Pig man is kind, giving and selfless but also lonely. John and Lorraine make him happy and lift his spirits.

The three s family life is the same in that none of them are close to their family members any longer. John s mother is a neat freak and his father is an alcoholic, John feels as though he is not cared about at home. Lorraine comes from a dysfunctional family, her parents are divorced and Lorraine s mother is over protective and a bit synical. The Pig man doesn t have any living relatives, he is in denial about the fact, that we discover through Pig man, that his wife is dead, but when he speaks of her and her likes, we get a sense of how much he cared and enjoyed their relationship.

John, Lorraine, and the Pig man s social life is both the same and different, they are only truly friends with one another, John who is handsome, popular and knows many people prefers to remain with Lorraine and Pig man, while Lorraine doesn t have many close friends except John and the Pig man, she is content with their friendship. Prior to meeting John and Lorraine Pig man had only one friend; Bobo, a baboon he likes to feed at the zoo. The trio find comfort and entertainment from each other.

John, Loraine, and the Pig man make a good match for each other because they each do something for one another. The Pig man provides them with a place to go and some comfort in their lives, while John and Loraine give the Pig man some joy and companionship in his lonely life. John gives Lorraine a sense of security and of being loved, while Lorraine helps John get in touch with a caring and understanding side of himself that helps him to sort out his problems.


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