King Lear Characterisations Essay Research Paper CharacterisationsKing

King Lear Characterisations Essay, Research Paper


*King Lear- old, physically and mentally weak, too trusting, deserves punishment for his folly, hot tempered and quick to judge,

blind (false sense of judgement about others) and irresponsible as a father and a ruler, arrogant to take advice, divides power from responsibilty, has a desire to rely on Cordelia’s kind nursery, inspires loyalty, coercive status, subject to flattery.

*Fool- truthful, rude yet perceptive, faithful, helps others see more clearly.

*Kent- the protagonist with Edgar, rude, rash, blunt, loyal.


*Cordelia- too respectful and dutiful, defiant to a degree, stubborn, is Lear’s ‘best object’ most favoured, honest.

*Gonerill- vicious, autocratic, cold and ambitious, vindictive(revengeful), deceiving, strategic and relies on her status for power (aggressive), vile and cunning, decisive action and planning.

*Regan- (same as Gonerill) + inhumane.


*The Earl of Gloucestor- superstitious, is a reflection of Lear- a complacent father, too trusting, acts rashly and ruthlessly, blind ruler.

brave and determined, heroic, pays harshly for his crimes of adultery.

*Edmond- the perfect characterised villain, ambitious, lusts for power and legitimacy, charming in a deceitful way, cunning and ruthless, sly.

*Edgar- the protagonist along with Kent, innocent in the whole process, too trusting, intelligent and quick to learn.


*Duke of Albany- lacks Gonerill’s authoritative nature, slow to act, uncertain yet bold.

*Duke of Cornwall- fiery nature, equals with Regan, both combined as a powerful duo, inhumane and ruthless,

*Oswald- diligent, faithful to Gonerill, cowardly, seeks reward not power.


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