My Sunshine Essay Research Paper There are

My Sunshine Essay, Research Paper

There are many instances in this journey we call life that darkness befalls the heart and soul of the journey man or woman. In those times, a light is needed so that you are able to see the path ahead. When that light comes in the form of a human being, you have a tendency to miss the light. Often after that person has left you , you feel a warmth that never existed before.

The person who has affected my life in a significant way, is someone I consider closer than a sister. Her name, Tamara. Every time I needed her she would appear like an angel out of nowhere. In a time where values and attitudes have changed, and self esteem is something that either is there or not, in a fast paced world, this friend found time to care and to share. She taught me how to love myself for the silliest reasons. She told me countless times to look at life as being apart of me and not myself as being a part of life. She allowed me to be myself in a world crowded with artificiality. ?There is no one harder to please than yourself?, that was what she told me, and I took it to heart. She was the one who taught me to seek the smaller things in life, and appreciate them, not over look them as if they had no value. That is what this wonderful person taught me. In a time where the weak are often to left to be crushed, and the strong look on, this giant took the other path, and she dared to look on a dwarf, and call her ?sister.?

I have long since moved from the stage where I was not sure of how to take life at face value, however, she still teaches me, about myself and about life. Whenever I think about what life was, and what life is now, I somehow feel a warmth that I?ve never felt before.

My whole life has been transformed. I wake each morning and am thankful I have one more day to create a beautiful memory, and take on a new challenge.

I never appreciated life as much as I could until Tamara entered my world, almost a broken one. She let me know exactly what she thought of me, the elegant , beautiful person I was, and that no one could ever take that away from me. To talk about failure was never, an option, it was non-existent. She pushed me to go further.

So every time I feel discouraged, or not confident about the challenges that face me. I remember what Tamara taught me, ?Failure is not an option, it?s an excuse not to do well?. Thank you Tamara for opening my eyes to see the impossible and call it possible.


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