Shakespeare Creative Writing Essay Research Paper Lady

Shakespeare Creative Writing Essay, Research Paper

Lady Olivia, ???????????????????????? I have been done

wrong and I know not why. There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason to this

madness. The horrors, to which I am daily subjected, and the terrible,

terrifying nightmares. Dear Lady this is too much to bear. I am a wreck, a

hollow shell of a man, a shadow of my former self if you will. By the lord it

is you who have wronged me and, once released, I shall make it my business to

ensure that the world knows of it. ? I am incarcerated

in this dank, urine soaked, hellhole and the drunken oaf who calls himself your

cousin has been given sole charge of me. Despite these slurs my Lady, I still

have my senses in full working order, my wits remain intact and I am as alert

as ever. ? In my possession, I have the exact letter,

written by your own hand that drove me to the absurd outward appearance with

the ridiculous cross-gartered stockings. I have spent much of my abundant spare

time contemplating why I am being done such wrong. Madam I have deduced that it

is for the reason of my asinine semblance. This letter I have resembles to me,

fine evidence that I am indeed, innocent of all charges. I intend to use this

epistle to absolve myself of any blame. However, if this proves impossible,

then I intend to use the letter to bring great detriment to you and your

household. ? I care not for how you view me, although in

the circumstances I think it would be very foolhardy and hypocritical for you

to judge me too harshly. I speak no longer as

your manservant; I leave my duty unthought of. For the first time, for it seems

like an eternity, I am speaking truth and I make no apologies about showing my

true emotions. I shan?t adhere to the protocol that my position demands for I hold

the post no more. ? Will we speak again soon? I fear not. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????The madly-us?d Malvolio


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