Jane Eyre Essay Research Paper Vol ICh11Vol

Jane Eyre Essay, Research Paper

Vol ICh.11-Vol II 7

Jane?s arrival at the Thornfield

Charlotte Bronte?s Jane Eyre displays three types of relationships possessing different purposes. These connections are established at Thornfield after Jane becomes a governess and accepts the position at the estate. The first relationship is the one that forms between Mrs.Fairfax, the housekeeper, and Jane. Another relationship that begins upon arrival at Thornfield is the one that Jane possesses with Adele, her pupil. The last and most important relationship that begins is that of Mr. Rochester and herself. These connections contribute to the crucial development of Jane?s persona.

The first relationship Jane is susceptible to is the one established between her and Mrs. Fairfax. Jane believes Mrs. Fairfax to be quite generous host because at first Jane has the notion that Mrs.Fairfax is the owner. She then discovers that she is the housekeeper. She feels better knowing that the kind behavior exhibited is not unusual because Mrs.Fairfax is but the housekeeper and not the owner. Jane feels better knowing that she can act more comfortably. Jane feels satisfaction as the housekeeper tells her how content she is now that she has a companion that is worthy to participate in discussion. She believes the other servants can not hold a conversation very well. Mrs. Fairfax?s predictable kindness allows Jane to feel more at ease with her. In a way it can be seen that Mrs.Fairfax serves almost as a mother figure to Jane.

Another relationship that I noticed is the unique one that is shared between Adele and Jane. Adele is presented as the spoiled pupil who although quite the fidgety, loquacious child wins a portion of Jane?s heart. The relationship that is formed due to the large amount of time spent together is one that happens not only because of fondness but it is one that is inevitable. The bond begins to take on the appearance of a mother daughter relationship because Jane controls Adele?s actions (or tries) and Adele seems very attached to Jane.

The odd relationship that takes shape between Mr.Rochester and Jane is one that becomes serious gradually. It seems to give Jane pleasure that Mr.Rochester believes her to be of intelligence that is peculiar for a schoolgirl. The bluntness that they share in a way shows flirtation between the characters but then the way that Rochester refers to Jane as little friend shows him as a type of father-like portrait.

The life that Jane has growing up strips her of opportunity?s to have bonds with individuals as a child except for Helen Burns and Bessie. The bonds that Jane establishes with these people seem as if they are filling the empty family positions. In Charlotte Bronte?s Jane Eyre the habitants of Thornsfield assist Jane in her voyage of finding herself and feeling comfortable. Mrs. Fairfax shows an ever-present kindness. Adele shows Jane how a spoilt child can sincerely care for someone. Mr.Rochester instills in Jane the will to love someone passionately, devoutly, and willingly.


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