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Mamo Essay Research Paper MOMA I tossed

Mamo Essay, Research Paper


I tossed and turned all night with a horrible cold. I awoke with a feeling of “This is just not going to be my day”. I tortured myself with my eyes wide opened, unable to sleep, before I knew, it was time to wake up Majory and begin our journey to the Museum Of Modern Art. As soon as, I walked into the Museum I seem to feel miraculously better. The Museum is a well lit building full of beautiful and tasteful paintings, helicopter, and sculptors.

Majory and I proceeded to the second floor, where this magnificent painting entitled “The Sleeping Gypsy” 1897, by Henri Rousseau. This particular painting grabbed my attention because of its strong colors (hues), it had definite edges and really stood out I percieve a man sleeping and a lion sniffing him. Immediately what came to mind was that man and animal are equal in some way, funny how a picture can spark an idea though upon some time ago. I would probably entitle it different: such as “One Kingdom One Species.” I then focused my attention on Andy Warhol, before and after painting. Before and after is an exmple of an ambiguous figure ground relationship. You can see the young woman against a dark ground or you can see an old woman against a light ground. It was very dificult for me to see the old woman, primarily because I was trying to see both the old and young woman simultaneously. I for some reason find figure ground relationship very interesting, I’m fascinated with how an artist can hide a picture within a picture. I must have stared at this illusion for twenty minutes.

As I slowly walked away, I turned my attentin to a atmospheric perspective sort of illusion by Marcel Duchamp entitled Rotary Demisphere. The objects seem to look blurry and grayish. Th shading and depth perception were unique. Certain objects appeared closer than they really were. I found no real edges or contours, it look like somebody just threw paint all over the place and then framed it. I couldn’t tell what it was , but I percieve it to be some sort of volcanic eruption. I guesed what makes the” Rotary Demisphere” so unique, is that it can become whatever the viewer wants it to be. From there Majory and I took a timeout and rested downstairs near the theatre rooms.

It’s fuuny how we were viewing the very same paintings, but yet coming up with totally different perceptions. After we rested Majory stayed downstairs while I went to the third floor gathered around Rene Magritte painting, entitled “The Empire OF Light II. This was by far the most beautiful thing I ever laid my eyes on. The empire of light II is full of bright and dark colors giving it a sort of night and day illusion. The painting seems to illustrate several cues. Changes occur in the vast colors that were closer to me linear perspective is apparent where the house in the three dimensional background is percieved. The parallel lines of the house and the field seem meet in the distance. Rene Magritte use of colors is extraordinary. The colors seem to give this painting life, to be honest I am not much of an art fan but this specific painting deserves all the attention it recieves.