Blinded By Food Essay Research Paper Blinded

Blinded By Food Essay, Research Paper

Blinded by Food

Before I planned to blindfold myself and go through the weekly family Sunday night dinner, I knew one thing. That thing was: in this experiment I want to come a step closer, to see which is better; being blind or deaf. Hence, on this adventure I want to learn the pros over being deaf than blind and maybe the cons another time when I make myself deaf. Of course, I also want to discover the daily sensations a blind person goes through, as well as their daily difficulties, like running into walls for example.

My plan was naturally to blind fold my self with a bandanna and eat at the Sunday night dinner for what ended up being forty minutes. To prepare I acted like I would if I was not blindfolded, to make the dinner seem more realistic. Now I was ready to roll, so at 7:00 O?clock I left my phone, TV, computer?and book (don?t forget the book) to eat dinner in the dinning room

While eating the food, I figured out I was feeding my self something I don?t like as much as my mom?s other really good meals, a potpie filled with some chicken and variety of vegetables. I also had a salad with ranch dressing to eat. Soon after I began to eat, all my food started to get mixed up. I felt like I was eating ?galosh? or some sort of meal that tasted good and was in the form of gloppy prison food.

Throughout the dinner I was always poking around, just to find some food. The plate felt empty and then it was filled up like a tank of gas when I found a clump of food in the other corner. While eating dinner like this, I felt like I was eating forever, but getting nowhere. To me I sensed that I had eaten a lot, but my mom said that I had not when I asked her. The whole process of eating food blind made me feel like I was floating in space or dreaming.

In the middle of dinner I became thirsty, and I left to the kitchen to get some soda. While going there, I felt like a kid whose bumper car did not work but gets bumped by other cars because of the way I made my way to the kitchen. I walked to the kitchen by making little stutter steps, as they would say in track. Meanwhile, I would feel all around with my hands to make sure I would not run into anything. Although I was looking out for walls and my family was telling me where to go, I still bumped into the kitchen door, which was sticking out. Next, I ran into the cabinet next to the refrigerator. The last part was easy, I grabbed my cup out of the cabinet and the single liter of coke out of the frig, and then poured the coke into the cup. I could pretty much guess how full the cup was. I then neatly put the bottle of soda back. While doing this I learned how blind probably have to make a lot of guesses, for example: how far is the hall way, how full is the glass, is this a street curb. Consequently, blind people most likely, takes a lot of chances just to get through each day.

During the rest of diner I did nothing important concerning this project, all I did was talk to my family, which was easy because I could just speak to the voice of my family member?s general direction. The last thing I did was take my plate to the sink, and then came back to take my cup. I did not do this simultaneously because I did not want to break or drop anything. Once I again I slowly walked to the kitchen twice and I also ran into things again. Running into things is just part of being blind, but maybe if you become permanently blind you will be able to make your way around the surroundings easier. I decided I would have a bowl of cereal for dessert. Performing this task is probably an average task for blind people because you have use senses that would not normally be used for this. I had to shake and feel each box of cereal and then touch all over each bowl to pick the right one and lastly I had to reach all around the refrigerator just to pick out the milk. I ate my cereal in the kitchen because everyone was already done with dinner, and then came back to reality and took my blindfold off.

To bring this to a close, I learned that being blind comes with plenty of difficulties, but by using your other senses you can overcome a lot of them. The one major pro of being blind over deaf is that you can carry on a conversation, but when you are deaf you cannot hear what anyone else is saying and in some cases you yourself cannot speak. One pro of being deaf over blind is that it is easier to make it through the day, the day is less dangerous, painful and nerve-racking. If I had to choose being deaf or blind, I would choose being blind so that I mainly could carry on a conversation and interact with people more, but so I could also feel the weird but exciting sensation of not knowing your exact surrounding.


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