Great Expectations 2 Essay Research Paper Miss

Great Expectations 2 Essay, Research Paper

Miss Havisham is an extremely eccentric character. She is a rich and

grim lady who lived in a large and dismal house. One way she was eccentric

was the Satis House. Another is the weird birthday party Miss Havisham had

with her relatives. She also acts in a weird way that tells her apart from

the rest.

Miss Havisham’s house is a dark and spooky house. Inside the house

all the furniture were antiques as well as the clocks. One of the strange

things were that all the clocks in the room had stopped at twenty minutes

to nine. Outside there was a pigeon-house in the brewery yard, which had

been blown crooked on its pole by a high wind. There were no pigeons in

the house, no horses in the stable, no pigs in the sty, no malt in the

store house, no smell of grain and beer in the copper or the vat. A

strange thing happened to Pip when he was in the brewery yard. He looked

over to were the building was on his right and saw a figure hanging there

by the neck. He saw a faded trimming dress and afterwards saw the face of

Miss Havisham. With terror Pip ran away from it, then ran towards it. He

went only to find no figure there.

Miss Havisham treated her relatives like in weird ways. When Miss

Sarah Pocket asked her how well she look she said “I do not, I am yellow

shin and bone.”1 She started arguing with Camilla and both would make

insults to each other. Miss Havisham asked Camila what was the matter and

Camilla said “Nothing worth mentioning, I don’t wish to make a display of

my feelings, but I have habitually thought of you more in the night than

I am quite equal to.”2 All Miss Havisham would say is “Then don’t think of

me.”3 Miss Havisham also told them quote “This, is where I will be laid

when I am dead. They shall come and look at me here.”4 She said this

because she treated her relatives like vultures.

She also acts in weird ways than the other’s. For example, she always

treated Pip like dirt. She uses Estella to get to Pip and make Pip feel

bad about himself because he gets beat by a girl. She always wants Estella

to play cards with Pip. Estella would always beat him which made Miss

Havisham happy. It’s like she wants to get revenge on something and takes

it out on Pip. She would turn her head at people, make weird jesters and

role her eyes at people.

In conclusion, I believe Miss Havisham is an extremely eccentric

character. One reason is the Statis House and all the weird things

occurring in and out of the house. The other is the way she treats her

relatives. She makes sure she let them know they are dirt. And maybe the

main reason is her attitude towards everybody. Furthermore, Miss Havisham

may be nice sometimes, but she is still weird for me.


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