Placido Domingo Essay Research Paper Born on

Placido Domingo Essay, Research Paper

Born on January 21, 1941, Placido Domingo would grow up to have one of the greatest Tenor voices of his generattion and even be considered the King of Tenor. Born in Madrid to parents who sang Zazurela, it was from them that he got his exposure to music and theater. In his early childhood, Domingo s parents left for Mexico to start their own Zazurela troupe leaving Placido and his younger sibling behind. They would reunite when Placido was the age of eight. After moving to Mexico, Placido attended Acadmeies for his education and was even sent to The Mexican National Conservatory in Mexico City for the talents he showed in singing. During his time here he discovered how good his voice was. It was this voice that would help him support the family he would have by the time he was seventeen. While his parents were away Placido got married at the age of 17 and had his first child, Jose, a year later. This new family forced Placido to drop out of school and sing in order to support his family. Even though a year later the young couple would be divorced. During this time Placido did extensive touring with his parents Zazurela troupe. He later went on to international Stardom and became known as one of the Three Tenors alone with Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras. The Trio would later win a Grammy Award in 1991 and sell more than ten million copies of their performance together as the Three Tenors. Placido Domingo is also famous for performing in such acclaimed places as New York s Metropolitan theater, London s Covent Garden and Milan s La Scala. He also landed starring roles in such operas as Parsifal. Domingo has also made many recordings including wones with American singer and songwrite John Denver, Diana Ross and Dionne Warwick. In 1983, Domingo published his autobiography, My First Forty Years. In it he tells of his childhood growing up in Spain and Mexico and even details of his personal life including marriage to current wife Marta Ornelas, whom he met at the Mexican National Conservatory and later married in 1962.


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