My Diary Essay Research Paper 1st September

СОДЕРЖАНИЕ: My Diary Essay Research Paper st September Today was an action packed day today is the day before I go away I was expecting visitors but there was a few surprises too first of all there was Master Boyle Canon Mick O Byrne the l.

My Diary Essay, Research Paper

1st September: Today?? was? an?

action? packed? day,?

today? is? the?

day before? I? go?

away. I? was? expecting?

visitors? but? there?

was? a? few? surprises? too.?

first? of? all?

there? was? Master? Boyle, Canon? Mick O? Byrne, the?

lads? and? of? course,? how?

could? I? forget?

the? love? of?

my? life,? Kathy.????????

I?? can?t? believe?

it,? tomorrow? I?

am? going? to? Philadelphia?

I? can?t? wait?

or? can? I ? I? want? to?

go? and? I?

want? to? stay,?

I? want? to? stay? because ???

I? don?t? know?


just? want? another?

chance? with? kathy?

and? I? also? want? to?

be? able? to?

speak? to? and?

see? Kathy, but? in? Philadelphia?

that? is? not?

the? case, I? wish?

I? could? turn?


time, but? I? know?

as? well? as?

Kathy? that? there?

will? never?

be? another? us. I?

want? to? get?

to? Philadelphia? because?

I? can? escape? my? past?

I? can? turn? a? new?

leaf, I? can?

start? from? scratch,?

I? can? get? another? chance?

to? start?

a? new? life,? sounds? good! ????? ??????

Tomorrow? my? da?

has? to? say? something.

Doesn?t? he? Why? does? he?

try?? to? wipe?

out? any? thoughts?

of?? happiness? we? ever? had. Today?

for? example? I?

remembered? one? of? the? happiest? moments?

my? father? and?

I?? ever? had. I?

remembered? we? were?

in? a? blue? fishing? boat?

which? my? father? owned? and?

we? were? fishing?

and we? were? actually?

talking? to? each?

other, and? when? I? questioned? him? about? it? he?

brushed? it? away?

as? if? he? didn?t? know,?

but? something?

tells? me? that?

he? does,? there?

is? a? reason? why? he? isn?t? talking?

to? me. It? is?

as? if? I?ve done? something? to? hurt? him? but?

it? is? nothing? I? can?

fix? because? he?

won?t? tell me? what? it?

is. I? care? for?

him? but? I?

am? not? sure? that? he? loves?

me,? he? has? to? say?

something? tomorrow? to? prove? me? wrong.????? Today?

Madge? organised? for?

?the? lads?? and?

my? so? called? friends?

to? come? to?

my? house? to?

bid? me? farewell,? that? is?

all? well? and?

good? but? would?

they? have? come?

if? Madge?? hadn?t?

told? them? to. Joe??

he? might? have?

came? to? me?

he? is? the? only? one?

of? them? I?

truly? like. Ned? is?

a? liar? and?

Tom? is? a? looks? up?

to? Ned? and? worships? the? ground? that?

he? walks? on. Joe?

like? me? is?

a? realist? he? knows? that?

all? of? us? are? virgins?

and? he? does? not? believe? Tom?s?

lies? for? one?

second.?? ??? Going? to? Philadelphia? could?

make? or? break?

my? life? it? could?

be? a? disaster? or? a?

success. I? just? hope?

it? is? the? right?

decision? because? if?

it? is? not? there? is?

no? way? back. ???? ????????

Master? Boyle? called?

round? for? me ?today, he? was? giving?

me? advise? and?

he? was? wishing? me? luck, he?

is? a? good?

man? at? heart. Master? and? I??

get? on? well,? I? seem?


be? his? only? friend, the? only?

one? he? can? talk? to. God?

bless him. Today? he? expressed? his?

feelings? for me , at? first?


was? shocked? but?

I? realised? that?

he? did? not? want? me? to?

leave. I? am? the?

only? one? he?

can? turn? to?

and? now? I? am?

leaving; His? hug? was?

the? first? time?

I? had? been? hugged?

by? a? man? in? actually? I?

can?t? remember? any? man?

hugging? me? before?

not? even? my?

dad. That? is? a? sad?

story? and? sometimes?

I? used? to? cry? because?

my? dad? didn?t?

treat? me? as?

a? son,? he? didn?t? hug?

me and? he? didn?t?

spend? time? with?

me, didn?t? take? me?

out? and? didn?t?

tell? me? a?

night time?? story? like?

the? other? boys?

dads. I?

used? to? stay?

awake? with? my?

book? hoping? that?


would? come? in?

to? read? me?

to? sleep? instead?

I? cried myself?

to? sleep? quietly. Today? still,? he? doesn?t?

treat? me? as?

his? son.? ????

To? finish? of?

the? day? Katherine?

Doogan? or? should?


say? Katherine? King?

called? round? for?

me, I? was? stunned?

when? I? opened? the? door?

I? just? froze? it? was?

the? last? thing? I?

was? expecting. We?? talked?

for? a? while? a? and?

as? usual? I?

talked? a? load?

of? rubbish. I? still?

love? Kate?

and? the? thing?

I? would? want?

more? than? anything?


to? be? with? Kathy, my? darling?

Kathy. ??????????


?????So? diary? that? was?

my? day? I? think? this?

is? the? longest? thing?

I? have? written? in? this?

diary, well? it? is?

not? a? surprise?

because? I? had?

so? many? visitors?

today? and? that? was?

because?? today? is?

the? eve? of?

my departure. Well? diary? if?

I? ever? write? in? you?

again? it? will?

be? in? Philadelphia.

Well?? time? for? bed? I?

have? an? early?

start? tomorrow,? goodbye?

Ballybeg, goodbye? lads,

goodbye? Madge,

goodbye? Boyle, goodbye? Father?

and? goodbye? my? darling,

my? love, my? Kathy?..??????????


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