Virtues Essay Research Paper In the past

Virtues Essay, Research Paper

In the past few weeks I chose 5 things that I wanted to change about myself and my relationship with others. These five things were very important for me to try to improve. The five virtues included; homework habits, silence (not to be stubborn), Tranquility (not so much stress or thinking too much), industry (keeping myself occupied), and resolution (keeping a positive attitude). Out of the five virtues I wanted to improve I chose the three that were most important to resolution tranquility, silence, and me.

I chose to improve myself in these ways for many reasons. I chose Tranquility because I find myself thinking too much, and always stressing about petty things. I chose Silence because I often share my opinion weather it?s a needed or not, and it always ends up biting me. Finally I chose resolution because I often can get mad and have it stay with me the whole day making me think negatively, causing me to act negatively in which bites me again.

In the week that I filled out my chart, I think Resolution was probably the hardest thing I had to control. Because I held my opinions back from my friends and family, I felt very bottled up creating a negative attitude towards others. To clear this up I tried my hardest to laugh and have a good time with my friends, and ignoring any situations I caught myself getting n trouble with before. And most of the time that saved me from having to mark a minus on my chart.

The second hardest one to control had to be Tranquility. I think a lot about people and things and sometimes I think too much and daze off while people are talking to me, not meaning to do it but having it just happen cause I?m thinking about o many things. To many petty things. This was a hard habit to try to break because it?s what I do. In fixing this problem I found myself concentrating harder than ever on what my friends and family had to say to me, and having that stress me out more than not listening. So instead of just listening to people and nodding my head, I tried to talk back and set a nice opinion in, finding that helped me get more into what they were saying.

And last but not least, my third virtue silence, not necessarily the easiest, I found that I did best on controlling that, I got the least bad marks and didn?t have to really think about it too much. When I think I?m right about something, (it could be anything) I know I?m right in my head, and no one can tell me otherwise or they will pay with an argument. To control this what I did was listened to the points of views that my friends and family had and tried to understand where they were coming from, putting my feet into their shoes. In doing that I found out that it is so much better to do it that way that to have to waist my time negatively arguing about petty things.

In doing this assignment for 1 week I have discovered more things to change about myself than ever. But I know that I am only 1 person and that I am not perfect nor will ever be. It helped me to specify which things in my life I could change to make it more positive and enjoyable. I may not reach moral perfection, but one day I hope to be pretty close

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