She Held The Piece Of Paper And

Looked At Me Essay, Research Paper

Jackie stared at the piece of paper with trembling hands and then back at me, her eyes danced uncontrollably with joy. Elated, she held onto the letter tenaciously and ran around the room in a frenzied madness. “Grandfather Morgan, is dead!” she proclaimed, her pale arms gesticulated wildly as she re-read short extracts from my grandfather’s lawyer’s letter in her formal tone, which was occasionally punctuated by short bursts of laughter. “He’s dead,” together, we proclaimed again and again in jubilation.

Dressed in a somber suit to disguise our euphoric hearts, Jackie and I rushed to grandfather’s opulent mansion, which was perched on the outskirts of

Nome, a small district with big people. We entered the mansion only to be welcomed by wailing relatives who had suddenly remembered grandfather only after he had passed on. After a short sermon we gathered around the teak coffin to say our final farewells to Morgan. Eventually, Jackie strolled towards the coffin, bent down and kissed grandfather’s ashen cheeks and hissed into his ears, “So glad you finally decided to die, old man, and you had better left me something worthwhile,”

Finally, we entered a glumly lit room filled with excited chatter. Obviously, they were all vying for Morgan’s coveted treasures. This was the moment we were all eagerly awaiting; the will was going to be read .A scrawny lawyer hobbled into the room, sat on the leather sofa and loosened his strangling tie. Clearing his throat he fumbled for his reading glasses as he peered at us through his milky green eyes. Flashing a conspitoral smile, he started to read Morgan’s will in a hoarse voice. After rambling on and on about what other relatives were to be given, he finally reached Jackie’s name. ” Lastly, to my loving granddaughter, Jacqueline, the one whom I had always doted upon, will be given the family heirloom.”

“What?” Jackie screeched in utter dismay. Immediately, she sprang up and rushed towards the will. Grabbing the yellowed paper from the bedlam lawyer, Jackie read the will again. Shaking her curly locks in disbelief she wailed, “It cannot be, I served him for so long and I end up with a worthless piece of junk.”

” Madam, you must understand that your grandfather’s ring was worth much more to him than just money itself, he would expected you of all people to understand this, “the lawyer meekly retorted.

“What, did you actually think that I massaged his stinky feet, served him his disgusting meals and put up with his constant nagging, because I cared for him?” Jackie screamed, pointing a perfectly manicured finger at the lawyer.

Shattered, Jackie crumpled to the ground and tears erupted from her amber eyes. Suddenly, frightened whispers and screams filled the dreary room A wrinkled hand rested upon her delicate shoulders and squeezed them. “Well Jackie what is it that you really want from you old grandpa, huh?” enquired a familiar yet exasperated voice. Jackie looked up slowly and saw her dead grandfather smiling at her. “Wha?t? ho?w?” Jackie stammered, as she shrank away from the twitching fingers. “Don’t you see Jackie, I had feigned death just to know who really cared for me,” grandpa explained his hazel eyes filled with grief. “Well now I guess you know!” Jackie snorted, her eyes twitching with anger. Livid with rage, she stormed out of the room leaving a lonely man who eagerly awaited his death, once again.


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