Civil War Essay Research Paper To whom

Civil War Essay, Research Paper

To whom ever hands this should fall into,

I can remember the Civil War Battle, it occurred over three hot summer days, July 1 to July 3, 1863,around the small market town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It began as a skirmish but by the time it ended, it had involved 160,000 Americans. The Civil War was over before it began,There was probably never any chance of the South winning without military aid. The union showed its advantages from the beginning. In population the North had an advantage of almost five to two. This advantage appears even greater if the we the slaves (which were more than one-third of the Southern people) are counted as somewhat less than the same number of freemen . The North knew that they needed to be an offensive threat. Many people wanted to show their dominance over a less fortunate region like the South. Others didn?t want to go to war or show force against a part of their own nation. Lincoln?s aim was to “preserve the union” and that he did, by showing force at times and not at others. The Civil War was a grueling time for both the Union and the Confederacy. The victor was easily detected from the beginning. The North with its overpowering economy profited from the war. The need for war materials supplied many citizens with jobs. Also, the need for a better system of the railroads help boast the nations economy. The South where I once had lived, on the other hand depleted almost every resource available. With basically no industries to produce war materials, they were forced to purchase goods. The South had no way of getting the capitol that they lost purchasing the goods back. This shows a lot of moral on the Southerners part to enter a war that they had no chance of winning.

By the time the war had ended I was a free man and on Welfare by the Union. I had fought in the hard war for the Union in which I had escaped to the North and left my wife and daughter at home. To return later with better news to comfort them. The civil war commited a lot of tragedy to everyone. Everything was hard to relize, the Union had one now I was able to come and go as I wanted not having to listen to the white man telling me who I was. I was given the chance to have an Education of Literacy and Grammer along with my child and wife. After the days went by the white folks didn’t really seem to like the fact us free men (meaning we are black) walking the same street or voting. For example, I had one really bad experience while I was appling for a job I was repeatedly beat on by these white men in a group. I can only remember what they wore which was like a bed sheet. They scared me, and made sure I knew my limit on where I should be in this country. I do have to admit I had tried to speak out and say things but then my wife woke up screaming one night, looking out our bed room window to a burning cross in our yard. Tears rolled down my eyes as I held my wife. It was hard for both of us, so I decided to be quiet and go on as a normal free man would. There was no way I would possibly put my family in danger. The thought that crossed my mind that night was, “Hadn’t we all lost enough already, and experienced the saddness and tragedy of deaths?”


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