China Essay Research Paper ChinaChina takes 40

China Essay, Research Paper


China takes 40% of the earth’s population; 1,210,004,956. Chinese people are permitted to

chose what they grow on their small plots, to set their own prices and to pocket their profits without

paying any taxes. Free Markets, is a big world in China: it refers to designated areas in the city

where farmers are allowed to sell their products directly to city consumers. The government is no

longer involved in growing, distribution or price setting. The system operates on supply and demand

in private marketplace.

Chinese people eat, dress, look better. China has the worlds biggest population, it has a fast

economy. Dum Champagne, is a Chinese millionaire. Champagne started his business by 200 US

dollars, he started a womans clothes shop. He bought a used sewing machine. Clothes only came in

certain colors like blue, gray, white and green, but Champagne changed all this. Women liked the

colorful, stylish type of clothes he made. This great investment took thinking, and risk. He also

added a restaurant he was also afraid he could fail. Champagne graduated in the class of 1966

which was called the “Old Pre Class.” Through 1966-19968 this young adults and younger children

were sent to the other side of the country. They were left at the country side with no food. Farmers

had limited land, and they only provided for so many people and if you went there you were only

added to their barden. Young Chinese worked with peasants .

The Chinese labor force is estimated at more that 527 million people. Unemployment and

underemployment have caused labor productivity and income to de depressed, problems direcly

linked to the large size and rapid growth rate of the population. In the early 1980’s about one third of

the population was 15 years of age or younger; this guarantees that a large number of young people

will enter the labor force each year. Although about 60 percent of the labor force consists of

agricultural workers, the government’s job allocation program does not include rural areas, and here

new labor has to be absorbed by the collective and the individual household economy. The rural

family is estimated to receive three-quarters of the income from the collective economy and the

remainder from sideline activities.

According to the constitution of 1982, China is socialist dictatorship of the proletariat led by

the Communist party and based on a united front that includes other democratic parties. In practice,

The Communist party fully demonstrates national political activity. The Chinese Communist party has

more than 52 million members and is the world’s largest Communist party. The party held its first

National Party Congress in 1921, when it had only 57 members. China has had an organized

government since the establishment of the Shang Dynasty about 1726 BC, making it the one of the

oldest nations on earth.

Chinese people have economic freedom- economic destinies, The government used to

control everything. It controlled what they bough, read, where they lived. Technology has also

played a big roll in China. Computers is helping their economic power. China is a big country that

keeps growing while people work.

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